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South Africa Study Visa Requirements For International Students


International students that want to have South Africa permanent residence are to obtain a study visa after being admitted into a South African University. The visa will serve as the official permission by the government for the student to reside in South Africa.

To obtain a South Africa visa, you will have to apply to the nearest South African Embassy, Consulate or High Commission in your Home country. The application process can take up to eight weeks, students are advised to start the visa application immediately they gain admission into a South Africa University.

South Africa study visa requirements

This post will focus on all what you need for the South Africa Study visa which is below;

Required Documents for Student Visas in South Africa

  • A valid passport
  • Payment proof
  • A South Africa university admission acceptance
  • Confirmation of registration
  • A Police Clearance Certificate issued the security authority in the country the applicant is applying from
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate if the student has or intends to travel through a yellow fever endemic area
  • Proof of access to the necessary financial
  • Proof of medical coverage
  • Marital status documents (if applicable)

These above documents are what you will need to get a study visa in South Africa.

Visa Application for Family Members

Applicants that have successfully get a study visa can go to South Africa with their spouse and independent children for the applicants’ study years. A family visa can only be valid for three years and the holder of such a visa cannot work in South Africa.

Working While Studying

International students can work together with their study in South Africa for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

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