How to Get UK Student Visa from South Africa

Having a very good education is a step closer to a bright future. When you talk of a good education, the United Kingdom is at the forefront. Did you want to study in the UK? This article is for you.

This article will contain the requirements for UK Student Visa for South Africans, UK priority Visa fee for South African or you want to know the details of how to get a UK Student Visa from South Africa and priority visa UK tier 4 South Africa. Read this article carefully to know how to obtain a UK Student Visa successfully.

Why study in the UK?

The United Kingdom has a long excellent higher education history. United Kingdom certificates are recognised all over the world as UK universities are among the best universities all over the world. The UK attracts about half a million international students each year.

If you are planning to complete your higher education at a UK University, you made a good decision. A UK certificate will make you be outstanding among your mates and give you an edge at securing a good job. Learn how to get a UK Study Visa from South Africa.

How to get UK Student Visa

How to Get Student Visa to Study in the UK

To get a student visa in the UK, you need to follow the three steps below:

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1. Find a School and a Course

Since your purpose of travelling to the UK is to study, the first thing you need to do is to find a UK university that is offering your choice of course. After getting a university, check the university entry requirements and your course requirements for South Africans to be sure of your eligibility. The course requirements can vary from different university and the degree you choose.

Undergraduate Studies Requirements To Study In UK

One year of undergraduate studies at a recognised South African University

Post Graduate Studies Requirement To Study In UK

You are to have an Upper Second Class Bachelor’s degree (UK 2:1 degree) to be eligible for admission. Some UK universities will accept students with a Lower Second Class Bachelor degree (UK 2:2 degree). While some universities require you to have already undertaken some postgraduate level study. When you find a school make sure you check their requirements carefully.

2. Prepare and Submit your Application

The application procedure for undergraduate and postgraduate is different. If you are applying for an undergraduate degree, you will need to submit your undergraduate application via UCAS(Universities and Colleges Admissions Service).

For those applying for a postgraduate degree, you are to apply directly to the University of your choice through their online application system. Contact your chosen university to find out more about the postgraduate application.

3. UK Visa Eligibility

To be eligible for a Study Visa in the UK, applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. A South African with a complete passport document,
2. Provisional admission offered by a UK school or university, this can be proved by a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies number (CAS),
3. Evidence of financial support for the course and yourself.

How to Travel to the UK as a Student Summary

Below is the summary of how to get a student visa and travel to the UK for your education

1. Get a South African Passport

Visit the South African Immigration office in your state and request for an official international passport.

2. Apply for Admissions

  • Check for schools in a UK, Scotland or Irish City or University of Interest
  • Check the university and your course entry requirements and application deadline
  • Prepare for tests (these can include IELTS English proficiency test, scholarship exams, etc), write a statement of purpose, request references
  • Apply for an admission

3. Apply for Visa

  • Visa appointment procedure
  • Visa application filling procedures: Obtain a Student Visa application form fil it carefully and attach all the required documents.
  • Passport submission and collection: Submit your passport to the UK Government and wait till they call you to come and collect it
  • Wait for visa processing and approval

4. Book a Flight

After your student visa has been approved, take note of the school resumption date and book a flight to a city closer to your institution.

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