Wits University Online Courses 2022/2023

Wits Online Courses

The University of Witwatersrand is one of the leading universities in South Africa. The university has over 30,000 students and 1,000 staff, with five academic campuses. To make education available for those that cannot attend classes at the university campus, an online programme is made available.

Wits Online Courses

For those that want to register for Wits University online courses, here is the list of courses that Wits have made available for you:

  • BA Degree
  • BCom Degree
  • BCom/BA Degree in Law
  • BSc Engineering
  • BSc Computer Science
  • Certificate Courses
  • Corporate Governance and Administration Certificates
  • GEMP Part-time Courses


Here you will find all diploma and certificate programs provided by the University of Witwatersrand, Wits Online:

1. Postgraduate Diploma in Public and Development Management

Minimum duration: 12 months

Admission requirements
  • A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is required, and two years of relevant work experience preferably in the public, parastatal, or nonprofit sectors are preferred. Also taken into consideration are students with significant private sector experience.
  • The pass mark for these programmes is 50%. Students who achieve an average mark of 65% or more may proceed to the Master’s programme.
2. Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

Minimum duration: The PDBA is an 18-month program if you enroll in it on a part-time basis through online coursework. This program will be completed in just 10 months if you enroll in a full-time online study schedule and do two modules at a time.

Admission requirements
  • A three-year degree OR a Bachelor’s degree (NQF Level 7).
  • A minimum of two years’ work experience.
  • Students who have completed the Fundamentals of Business Administration (FBA) suite of courses are eligible to apply for entrance into the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PDBA) programme and may receive credits if all other criteria are met. Interested students will have to complete a new application for the PDBA as a completed FBA suite of courses does NOT guarantee entrance into the PDBA programme.
3. Core Concepts in Digital Business
Admission requirements
  • Three-year degree OR Bachelor’s degree OR an Advanced Diploma at NQF Level 7.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning – Applicants who fall outside of the normal admissions process may be considered for admission on the basis of recognition of prior accredited and/or prior experiential learning. The decision rests solely with the Programme Director and the Wits Business School.
  • Foreign nationals must supply equivalent qualifications as verified by the South African Qualifications Authority.

Wits Online Short Courses

  • Conditional Simulation – How to manage uncertainty in Mineral Resource Evaluation (Theoretical Simulation Techniques) (MINN7054A)
  • Digital Technology Fundamentals for Business
    Compliance and Reporting Rules in the Minerals Industry MINN7052A
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Basic Conversational South African Sign Language (SASL) (ONLINE: WITS DIGITALCAMPUS)
  • Early Childhood Intervention (ONLINE: WITS DIGITALCAMPUS)
  • Child Development “The first 1000 days” (Online: Wits DigitalCampus)
  • Principles of Project Management: Theory and Practice (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Basic Business Accounting (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Managing the Finances of a Business Operation (Online:WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Applied Digital Marketing (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Principles of Management (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Business Communication Skills (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Customer Relationship Building (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Operations Management Practice (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Fundamental Human Resource Practices (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Managing Labour Relations (Online – WITS DigitalCampus)
  • IT Management for CIO Teams (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management Practice (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Strategic Human Resources Management (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • International Trade: Freight and Cross-Border Management (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Health and Safety Representative Training (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Governance and Ethics (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Introduction to Research Methodology (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
  • Business Leadership Coaching (Online: Wits DigitalCampus)
  • Emotional Intelligence (Online: Wits DigitalCampus)
  • Entrepreneurship (ONLINE: WITS DIGITALCAMPUS)
  • Critical Systems Thinking (Online: Wits DigitalCampus)
  • Social Media Marketing (ONLINE: WITS DIGITALCAMPUS)
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing (ONLINE: WITS DIGITALCAMPUS)
  • Retail Management (ONLINE: WITS DIGITALCAMPUS)
  • The Digital Transformation Lifecycle (Online: Wits DigitalCampus)
Masterclass in Principles and Fundamentals of Fundraising
Lean Operations
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers (October 2022 intake)
  • Facilities Management (October Intake)
B-BBEE Management Development (October Intake)
Programme Evaluation (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
Gender in Science, Technology and Innovation (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
Essentials of Business Project Management
Advanced Business Project Management 2
MRM 19 – Optimisation and Planning of Underground and Open Pit Mines
Social Marketing for Societal and Environmental Change
Framework agreements for professional services, construction works, services and the supply of goods
Mine Financial Valuation (MINN7092A)
Mineral Economics (MINN7014A)
Maintenance Engineering
MRM 13 – Introduction to MRM Systems and Applications
MRM 4 – Introduction to Statistical Evaluation of Mineral
Machine Learning for Engineers
Outcomes Based Governance in South Africa (Certificate of Attendance)
Outcomes Based Governance in South Africa (Certificate of Competence)
MRM 7 – Mine Financial Valuation and Optimisation
Integrated Thinking and Value Creation (Certificate of Competence)
Integrated Thinking and Value Creation (Certificate of Attendance)
Applied Operations Research in Mineral Resource Management (MINN7093A)
Prospector @ Wits (July Intake)
Fundamentals of Research Management and Administration (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
Research Ethics and Integrity (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
MINN00368 Introduction to Social Performance Practice
Sustainability Assurance (Certificate of Attendance)
Sustainability Assurance (Certificate of Competence)
MRM 16 – Technical and Legal Requirements in Mine Planning
MINN0349 Advanced Community Relations Practice within the Extractive Industries
Geographical Information Systems for 21st Century Mining
Introduction to Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer and
Commercialisation (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
Practical Implementation of Geostatistical Ore Evaluation Techniques (MINN7043A)
Masterclass in Robotic Process Automation (Intake 2)
Digital Transformation and Development (Evening classes)
Essentials of Coaching and Mentoring
Advanced Project Management (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
Research Grants and Contracts Management (Online: WITS DigitalCampus)
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