Top Scholarships in the United States of America (USA)

Top Scholarships in the United States of America

Here are the top Scholarships in the United States of America available for international students. As it is generally known and believed by all, the educational system in the united states of America is quite costly and expensive.

Ordinarily, learners cannot afford the educational program without the assistance of parents, government, or student loans. Many students cannot afford the United State institution fees because they are expensive.

Opportunities such as The Eastern Michigan University Presidential scholarship, Elks National Foundation, among others are usually awarded after a competition.

There are many scholarship opportunities in the US that partner with universities. Some of the organizations that offer scholarships are the computational science graduate fellowship, the undergraduate scholarship program and the Dell Scholars program.

Prestigious college students are quite many. In the United States of America, unlike higher education scholarships, College scholarships are easy to apply for. These college scholarships can sponsor your complete college education.

We have taken the stress to list some of the top scholarships in the United State of America which are as follows:

Top Scholarships in the United States of America

National Merit scholarship

Out of the many scholarships in the United State, the National Merit Scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards that you can earn as a student.

Students may take PSAT during their first or second year or junior year of high school, in which the top 50,000 highest scores are then recognized. This scholarship will commend 34,000 students and 16,000 semi-finalists, which total of 50,000 recognized candidates. All the recognized students will be given financial assistance.

This scholarship can be said to be the largest scholarship in the United States. It offers more considerable financial aid or full-tuition scholarship.

Therefore, you stand a chance to have your degree paid for partially for your academic achievement or academic excellence, if you are one of the top-scoring PSAT test-takers.


Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation

The Coca-Cola scholarship is one of the top scholarships in the United States of America that has multiple benefits. The Coca-Cola scholarship ranges monetarily from $1000 to $20000, in which just 150 students(spread across the country) are selected. Merit is a major selection criterion; not monetary needs.

Awards are available for current college students. This opportunity is granted based on achievement.

The establishment has provided over 6,450 Coca-Cola beneficiaries with more than 75 million dollars in educational support; for learners who are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve and their commitment to making a bold impact on their schools and communities.


NIH undergraduate scholarship

The National Institute of Health (NIH), is a fraction of the US Department of Health and Human service and one of the leading medical research agencies.

In conducting research and studies needed to make significant progress in public health, the National Institute of Health is committed to this course. In collaboration with a plentitude of healthcare institutions, the national institute of health meticulously funds and aid scientists as they eagerly attempt to provide solutions to medical issues and problems such as medicine and disease mitigation.

There are twenty-seven different sections in the NIH that researchers conscientiously undertake and receive support.

$20,000 is usually shared annually through the National Institute of Health. The National Institutes of health scholarships is based on merit and are only open to learners within the USA. Successful applicants will enjoy paid research training at the National Institute of Health.


Davidson Fellowship Scholarship

The Davidson fellowship program is a top scholarship in the United States of America related to the software firm Davidson & Associates Inc. In the mid-90s, the company had great success after the development of its educational software which helps students to study.

This sale was organized on the need to start a philanthropy organization to make provision adequate study aid for gifted and talented students. These scholars’ foundations created some of the country’s sharpest minds.

Eligible candidates are categorized based on engineering, mathematics, literature, music, philosophy, and the box Fields. When applying for this, students must submit a piece of work they have created; probably an essay.

Applicants can use the PapersOwl to develop the essay they will have to submit. Successful applicants will receive between $10000, $25000, or $50000 scholarships fund. Such a large sum of money can aid your financial stability in school.


Jack Kent Cooke

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholarship, one of the USA’s top scholarships offers opportunities every academic year. More than $175 million to cover school fees, living expenses, books, and other fees. are awarded. These type of scholarships are important to exceptionally promising learners as it offers basic assistance thus, improving their educational wellbeing.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation has 641 million dollars in 2016, they offer services that give learners assistance and also offer to counsel for students between 8th grade to graduates. It has awarded above 2,300 scholarships for students since 2000 and has given out above $97 million to low-income learners.

There are many scholarships establishments by the company like the Matthew J Quinn Prize, The Matthew J. Quinn Youth Leadership Award, etc.



These top scholarships in the United States of America are opportunities provided to aid learners learning process at ease. Some of these opportunities are excessively selective while some are easy to get. Getting these opportunities enhances and improves learning conditions.

These scholarships offer funding assistance for low-income learners while some are based mainly on merit. Taking advantage of these funding opportunities is very important as some of them even provide assistance for beneficiaries to gain experience.

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