How to Check UNISA Application Status 2022

How to check UNISA application status

If you are planning to apply for UNISA, then it’s high time that you check your application status. UNISA application status check is the first step you should take before you set your sights on UNISA. It’s essential to know your application status as it will affect your entire UNISA application process. 

While UNISA had to check out and processed all received applications by the end of semester 1. The university will get back to qualified applicants and inform them if they will be getting admitted for the 2022 academic year.

Well, if you applied and the University of South Africa hasn’t reached out to you, there is no reason to panic as there are other applicants like you in the same situation.

To be certain if you’ve been offered admission at the University of South Africa, you will have to check your Unisa application status online. Below are the appropriate steps to follow to check out your UNISA application status online.

How to check UNISA application status

How Do I Track UNISA Application Status 2022?

In order to track your Unisa application status,

  • Visit the UNISA portal and check or change your contact information.
  • Input the student number that was given to you when you applied.
  • Input your Surname/Last name
  • Input your First name/Forename
  • Select your Date of Birth
  •  Click on “Continue to Track your application”. When you’ve filled in all the necessary information, you will be able to see your Unisa application status for admission in the 2022-2023 academic year on the page.
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All these steps would enable you to track your Unisa application status with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions on UNISA Application Status 2022

Here are the frequently asked questions about UNISA application status and their answers.

How do I know if my Unisa application was successful?

To know if your UNISA application was successful, you will receive feedback from the University of South Africa if your applied qualification is still available and not yet full and you can go as far as tracking your Unisa application status yourself.

Receiving a message from UNISA might take longer than expected due to the huge number of applications that have to be processed.

In the case where there is limited space for your applied qualification, your application will have to go through a UNISA ranking procedure. You will be contacted by the university of South Africa if you qualify after the procedure for the academic year.

Is the UNISA Application open for 2022?

Applications for admission to undergraduate qualifications, Honours degree & postgraduate diplomas, masters & doctoral qualifications, and short learning programs for the 2022 academic year are closed. 

How long does it take to hear back from UNISA?

Due to a large number of applications and its formal selection and approval procedure, it can take up to three months to have the final verdict and you will then be contacted by the University of South Africa if you’re qualified.

In order to know the fate of your application is, you can easily track your Unisa application status.

If your application for a qualification or both qualifications you choose is rejected, it is possible for you to appeal the decision. This can be done by claiming an error was made by the university or that additional supporting documents have impacted the outcome of your admission application.

This appeal can only be done within 10 days after receiving your admission application result. It is also important to know that not submitting all the required documents during the application process will result in a failed appeal.

If you have done your registration with the University of South Africa, your application result will be sent to your MyLife email account. You should regularly check for notifications and new updates. And if you cannot recall your MyLife password, you can retrieve it on MyUnisa through

Is this the first time you’d be applying to the University of South Africa?

You don’t have to worry, you will be contacted by the university through the email address and telephone number you filled in during your application process.

While In the process of checking your application status, the University of South Africa can offer you a space for semester 1 of the 2022 academic year based on these criteria.

  • Meeting the UNISA admission requirements for your chosen qualification.
  • By using your minimum points score (APS) 
  • The available number of places for your applied qualification.

If your application for admission to the University of South Africa is successful and approved, the next step is to register for the 2022 academic year. Failing to register due to any circumstances wi results in you re-applying for the next academic year.

How to Register at UNISA Online 

Performing your university of South Africa online registration is not a hard task. When performing your registration, you will be notified when a mistake has been made or incorrect information has been filled in. Below are the steps to register at UNISA online.

  • Visit the UNISA website
  • Click on “register” at the top right side of the page
  • Read through the registration information
  • Chose your preferred qualification and select your modules (applicable to Undergraduate and Honours, Masters and Doctoral, and short learning program)
  • Complete your online registration through
  • Choose your qualification level and click on “Go”
  • Input your student number in the provided space and other required information
  • Crosscheck your details on the screen
  • Input or correct missing details
  • Click on the modules from the drop-down list that you will be registering
  • Make sure all the qualification requirement of your chosen modules has been met
  • Make sure you did not select more than the maximum required number of modules in a semester which may result in a delay in your registration process.
  • Calculate your study fee
  • Submit your registration

It might take longer than expected before your registration got processed after which you will be contacted by the University of South Africa.

After your registration procedure has been accessed and you have been contacted by the university. It is important to register on MyUnisa which is the university’s online student portal to download your study materials and tutorial letters. You will also be receiving newsletters and submitting your online assignments through your MyUnisa which shows how important it is to all UNISA students.

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