Online Psychology Degrees

online psychology degree

In this article, we talk about online psychology degrees, jobs one can get with different online psychology degrees, and more.

Acquiring a bachelor’s degree is an academic landmark that numerous students aspire to. While it is a feat that can take up to four years to complete, the advantages of obtaining specialized skills and knowledge in a distinct profession last for a lifetime.

Psychology is one of the most distinguished undergraduate majors, and the flexibility and convenience of an online format are a boost to many students. Learners that have outstanding organizational and time management skills tend to excel in distance learning. If you have the intention of working instantly after earning your bachelor’s degree or you want to continue with a master’s program, an online bachelor’s degree in psychology may be perfect for you.

online psychology degree

How Long Does it Take to Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology?

It takes about four years for a full-time student to obtain an online bachelor’s degree in psychology, With a requirement of 120 credits from most schools to graduate. Some institutions do offer quick undergraduate programs which may be completed in about 3 years.

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What Courses Can I Take in an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Program?

Psychology is a discipline known to be different and far-reaching as it entails numerous subfields and practices at the bachelor’s phase. Psychology students study human development, behaviour, cognition, learning, motivation, and perception across the lifespan. While there’s a difference in courses and concentration in different institutions, every student in an online psychology program will have to complete a series of basic courses.

The psychology coursework contains child and adult development, psychological assessment, statistics, and research methods for behavioural sciences, health psychology, personality theory, social psychology, and industrial-organizational psychology. A normal bachelor’s curriculum in psychology encompasses some of these courses.

Cognitive Psychology

This is the area of psychology that studies human thinking, knowledge acquisition, and information processing. With topics on reasoning, perception, memory, problem-solving, and decision-making.


  • Knowledge of applying cognitive psychology in professional practice.
  • Comprehending human cognition-related research.

 Abnormal Psychology

This is a course that studies the biological, psychological, and environmental components of psychopathology and behavioural maladjustment. Psychological disorders like anxiety disorders, mood disorders, dissociative disorders, personality disorders, and substance abuse are all covered. Topics like health psychology, research methods, ethical and legal issues, and treatment outcomes are also included.


  • Knowledge of psychopathology concept.
  • Understanding of legal issues involved in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders.

Psychological Assessment

Students examine how to evaluate a person’s personality, values, interests, and cognitive proficiency. With subject matter that encompasses validation, reliability, test development, scoring, administration, and interpreting results. Other subjects include historical and cultural contexts, ethics and applications in healthcare, clinical context, and rehabilitation.


  • Statistical analysis.
  • Identification and application of ethical testing principles.

Concentration Available for an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology 

The general or most common psychology concentrations for bachelor’s level include forensic, social, behavioural, cognitive, health, and industrial-organizational psychology. All specialities normally include a group of accessible electives, a simple practicum or different field learning alternatives, and a research guide within the selected area.

Concentrations like clinical psychology combine extensive and adaptable interdisciplinary material. Other concentrations such as sports psychology emphasize more distinct topics. Below is a list of five outstanding concentrations and their theme.

Sports Psychology

A combination of medicine and psychology, sport psychology takes an interdisciplinary method to analyze exercise and athletic performance through an interchange of words between the physical and psychological procedure. Its subject matter contains neuro performance, rehabilitation, biomechanics, and athletic motivation. Specialists work in this field as sport psychology trainers and performance enhancement counsellors.

Forensic Psychology

This field examines the extension of psychology and the criminal justice system. A forensic psychologist examines defendants and witnesses and provides their conclusions to lawyers and judges, they also do testify as a specialist in a trial at court.

Educational Psychology

Educational psychology examines how individuals learn. Its topics comprise assessing skill development, enhancing educational processes, developing materials and techniques used in schools, and enforcing training programs. Educational psychologists advise institutions on applicable teaching techniques. Graduates in this discipline often become program development specialists and student testing consultants.

Clinical Psychology

The vast area of clinical psychology involved the examination, diagnosis, therapy, and medication of psychopathology. Specialists from this field mostly work in healthcare and private practice as licensed counselling psychologists and neuropsychologists.

Is There a Difference Between the Traditional and Online Psychology Degrees?

If you are willing to enrol in an online psychology degree program, flexibility, motivation, and accessibility should be considered. Many students discovered that online programs give them the flexibility they need to work while studying. As they are not restricted by location for their school and choices of program, online students tend to enjoy a vast selection of programs and specialities that they can choose from. The normal on-campus learning only considers local options thereby restricting the programs and specialities you can study.

Online programs generally procure access to textbooks, library materials, student services, career coaching, and instructor office hours through online portals and emails, making it easy for distance learners to obtain all the needed services to complete their studies in the comfort of their home.

Careers for Graduates of Online Psychology Degrees

Graduates with an online bachelor’s degree in psychology can seek to work in many paying career opportunities. Specialists in the field can work with varied types of clients or patients, based on their special interests and career goals.

Occupational Therapy Assistants and Aides

They conduct therapeutic activities that include stretches and other forms of exercises with patients, they also educate their patients on how to use equipment to tackle different disabilities.

Rehabilitation Counselors

Rehabilitation counsellors give individual and group counselling sessions to assist their clients to manage and adapt to various disabilities. They also follow up on client progress and maintain their records to give adequate care.

Substance/Drug Abuse, Behavioral Disorder, & Mental Health Counselors

Their priority is their client’s mental and physical health to create and propose appropriate treatment plans. They also refer their clients to other available services and resources.

These are some occupations you can get with an online psychology degree.

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