List of Unisa Short Courses 2022

Unisa short courses

If you are looking for a list of short programs to study in Unisa this 2022, this article is for you. We’re going to be discussing Unisa Short courses 2022. Here are some other Unisa courses you can as well check out.

Unisa is one of the leading schools that offer distance learning programs to students looking to study but who do not have the time.

The school is a globally recognized award-winning school. You have the option to choose any course you desire from the variety of courses they offer.

The admission process into this university is relatively easy. You can also apply for a maximum of two courses at a time.

Unisa short courses

List Of Unisa Short Courses 2022

We would list all of the Unisa short courses that are available in 2022 and the ones that you need to know.

Unisa offers two types of short programs. They are:

  • Short Learning Programs
  • Advanced Short Learning Program

Let’s go straight into all of the Unisa short courses under the short learning program.

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List of Short Learning Programs in Unisa

  1. Unisa Short Course in Occupational health and safety hazard
  2. Short course in the introduction to creative writing
  3. Short course to the introduction to agriculture business management
  4. Short course in the design of assessment and learning program
  5. Short course in youth leadership development in school
  6. Short course in youth advocacy and participation
  7. Short course in writing a business plan
  8. Short course in the support of children at risk
  9. Short course in teaching methodologies in education
  10. Short course in teaching biodiversity: life sciences grade
  11. Short course in teaching and accounting in further education and training
  12. Short course in supporting ICT assistants with managing ICT equipment in school
  13. Short course in Student support and academy
  14. Short course in strategic information system planning in practice
  15. Short course in course management
  16. Short course in school history enrichment
  17. Short course in SMME management
  18. Short course in refresher training for explosives workers
  19. Short course in public competition law
  20. Short course in pension funds law
  21. Short course in organizational development: appreciative inquiry approach
  22. Short course in norms and standard of early childhood education
  23. Short course in multigrade teaching methodologies and assessment in schools
  24. Short course in moderation of assessment.
  25. Short course in mentoring, guidance and support of teachers and trainers.
  26. Short course in managing health and nutrition in adverse reaction
  27. Short course in introduction to visual C net
  28. Short course in the introduction to visual basic net programs
  29. Short course in the introduction to the internet and web design
  30. Short course in the introduction to information security
  31. Short course in the integration of information, communication, and technology in teaching and learning
  32. Short course in ISET robotics components and pedagogy
  33. Short course in ISET robotics problem solving, data, and debugging.
  34. Short course in functional school governing bodies, parents and stakeholders partnership
  35. Short course in environmental law and liabilities for the regulated communities
  36. Short course in environmental law and environmental management, legal enforcement
  37. Short course in interpreting the gospel of mark in the context
  38. Short course in entering your ministry
  39. Short course in English for speech writing
  40. Short course in employee wellness 
  41. Short course in developing web applications with PHP
  42. Short course in designing and implementing telecommunication Network
  43. Short course in database implementation
  44. Short course in Database design
  45. Short course in customer service management
  46. Short course in commonwealth youth entrepreneurial education
  47. Short course in business psychology and human behaviour
  48. Short course in Braille literacy for teachers and practitioners
  49. Short course in basic Financial life skills
  50. A short course in basic communication skills in xhosa
  51. A short course in basic communication skills in Venda
  52. A short course in basic communication skills in Tswana
  53. A short course in basic communication skills in southern sotho
  54. A short course in basic communication skills in northern Sotho
  55. A short course in basic communication skills in Afrikaans
  56. Short course in basic communication skills in Zulu
  57. Short course in basic communication skills in Tsonga
  58. Short course in basic communication skills in Swati
  59. Short Course in Basic Business Finance
  60. Short Course in Barista skills
  61. A short course in applied skills management
  62. A short course in applied project management in an information technology environment
  63. A short course in applied information security
  64. A short course in advanced information security
  65. A short course in planning and conducting an assessment of learning outcomes.
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The 65 courses listed above are the short courses program being offered by Unisa. 

Apart from these 65 short courses, Unisa also offers students the chance to further their learning with the advanced short course programs.

Advanced Short Courses Programs

Here are some advanced short courses in South Africa.

Advanced Short Course in Business Rescue Practice 

This is perfect for you if you want to understand legal principles on how to rescue a business. This is one of the best advanced Unisa short courses and the duration is 6 months. You’ll learn a lot about law and business in this course

Advanced Short Course in Fundamentals of Strategic Oversight in Information Technology for Board Members

Another course amongst the best advanced Unisa short courses is this course whose duration is for one semester and it is perfect if you want to understand the risks and audits of organizations in the ICT world.  You are expected to have a minimum of 5 years of experience before you are allowed to take this course.

Advanced Short Course in Global Business: Intra- Africa and Brics Trade and Investment

This is a semester course with an admission requirement of NQF level 7.  It is best for you if you have an interest in global trade.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Unisa Short Courses

Here are some frequently asked questions on Unisa short courses and answers to help guide you.

Is Unisa open for short Courses in 2022?

Unisa is currently not open for application to the short courses programs as admission is closed for 2022. To gain admission to study one of the listed Unisa short courses you would have to wait another year.

How do I register for short Courses in Unisa 2022?

To register for any of the Unisa short courses, simply go to their official website. Register or login. Click on the short courses program and register for the courses you like.

Which short courses are still available at UNISA?

There are no Unisa short courses that are currently available at Unisa for 2022 as admission is currently closed for the session.


Unisa is a distance learning school that offers you a list of programs you can study. Simply go through the Unisa short courses program and select the one you like. You’ll be done with the program in no time.

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