How to order a laptop from the nsfas website

How to order laptop on the NSFAS website

Here are the details on how to order a laptop from the NSFAS website. Follow our step by step instructions and other vital information below.

The NSFAS is allowing eligible students to order a laptop online using the NSFAS Digital Learning Device Online. This is open to all students in South Africa.

How to order laptop on the NSFAS website

Over time, the South African government has worked to make sure that education is available for all citizens of the country, regardless of social class or background. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) was established to do this.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme is a bursary program run by the South African government for students from low-income families. The goal is for such students to be able to comfortably complete their education at universities or TVET institutes.

As a result, NSFAS provides financial aid in the form of a study bursary to qualified students who desire to study at TVET colleges and public universities or who are currently studying there. NSFAS offers a variety of loan and bursary options.

NSFAS established the Digital Learning Device Project during the global epidemic. This allows NSFAS-funded students to request a laptop as part of their learning material budget. During the nationwide lockdown, which resulted in the closure of universities and TVET colleges, the purpose of this effort was to assist students in gaining access to online learning. Since then, the project has been operational.

Although many students are eager to participate in this project, few of them are aware of how to obtain a laptop. However, this has raised a number of doubts concerning the NSFAS laptop.

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As a result, we will discuss the application process for the NSFAS laptop.

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Who qualifies to order a laptop on the NSFAS website?

The NSFAS is giving all South African students both NSFAS funded students and non-NSFAS funded students that are registered for an approved course in South African public universities in the coming academic years.

How to order a laptop from the NSFAS website

Follow the steps below to order a Laptop on the NSFAS website


NSFAS funded students at TVET colleges: You must be a continuing student who was registered in 2020 and currently registered to study in 2021.

NSFAS funded students at universities: You must be registered to study at any public university; both first-time entering and continuing students may apply for a learning device.

How to register an NSFAS account successfully

Complete the DLD form:

Obtain and fill completely the Digital Learning Device (DLD) form which you will submit to your Financial Aid Office (FAO) on campus. You can then proceed to order your laptop on the DLD online order portal via the NSFAS website:

NSFAS and your institution will have to verify your details as well as your order. You can order your laptop directly using this link Here 


After you have ordered the laptop on the NSFAS website and your details have been verified, NSFAS will order your laptop from their service providers and will be delivered to you. The laptop service provider or your institution will contact you once your laptop is ready.

You should know that you cannot send anybody to collect your laptop for you, you need to be present because you will have to sign before it can be given to you.


It is compulsory for you to provide your ID/birth certificate and proof of academic registration/student card from your institution before you can collect the laptop.

Agree to the terms and conditions:

Your institution has set out terms and conditions you will have to agree to in order to receive the laptop.

Laptop payment:

Students that are not a beneficiary of the NSFAS fund that request for a device will have to consult their institutions because non-NSFAS funded students will be responsible for the payment of their laptop and will have to agree to the term of payment outlined by the institution.

All NSFAS funded students will have to provide their ID card, proof of registration as a student or student ID card and sign the acknowledgement receipt of the digital learning device on delivery. You will also need to agree to the terms and conditions of your institution before receiving your device.

Required Documents

You will have to provide the following documents before you can order a laptop on the NSFAS website:

  • South African ID number,
  • Student number,
  • Contact details,
  • Name of the institution you are registered to,
  • Campus name and home address.

How will I get my laptop?

It is very important to input your correct details while ordering your laptop on the NSFAS website. Once your order is completed, you will be contacted to collect your laptop on the campus of the institution you registered at.

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