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Top Educational Software for Teaching and Learning


Education is now beyond the four walls of the classroom with the advent of internet and technology. There are so many educational software available for teaching and learning online. Today we will be sharing some of the software with you.

To benefit from the online can only be enjoyed with a good Personal Computer and a very good internet connection. Read this article to have access to Educational Software for Teaching and Learning. This software are not important for the students alone, both students and teacher can benefit from this software.

Online software for teaching and learning


Below are some of the tools for online teaching and learning.


Taking note of what is taught in class is an essential part of learning. OneNote is a good tool for this especially if you are using touchscreen PC which makes highlight, scribble and marking things with pen more easy.

This tool is not only used to take note alone, it is essential for your work and shared files. The OneNote clipper can be used to snip articles for later reference. It makes it possible to share your notebooks with your fellow student for you to brainstorm ideas for group project work. A mobile version of One Note for Android and iOS has been made available by Microsoft.

This software for teaching and learning is totally free for users.

Microsoft To-Do

This is a tools launched by Microsoft after they retire Wunderlist, at first the retirement of Wunderlist by Microsoft caused many sadness. However, Microsoft To-Do has gained acceptance by people and many are using it to keep track of what they have to do day by day.

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This free application works perfectly on Windows, and you can organize your day to day activities in different categories and keep your content organized by class or project. The mobile app version also enables you to tick thing off from your device just like as it is in PC. There have been many development to the app, more improvements should be expected in the future.


For teaching and learning to take place online, teacher and students have to connect, Edmodo is one of the best tools used for this purpose. It allow teacher to post assignments, videos, lecture notes or other key content into a place where it is accessible.

It can also be used by students that are looking for videos or educational content online for coursework. The tool information is arranged into categories to make it easy to find by students that need them.


In the past few year, Math application has been of great help to students in both entry-level and more advanced courses. GeoGebra helps students in graphing, geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, and other math work.

It is a Windows app that gives you a dedicated workspace. The GeoGebra site can be used to share work and view others’ creations. It also has a mobile versions that is dedicated to graphing, geometry, and 3D calculation. Be it PC or phone, you are good to go with this tool.


Nebo gives you a blank canvas where you can scribble your thoughts. It’s a product of MyScript that can scribble-friendly apps for iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android.

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One unique feature of Nebo is its ability to transcribe your writing in real-time and also worked on my less-than-legible scrawl. It can also perform math equations and adding images to keep content collections in one place. You you love writing by hand on your PC, then you need Nebo.


Sensavis is a tools that provide in-depth instruction for many science subjects, it allow you to manipulate and explore inside the solar system or human body, as an example. It provide you with different subjects areas like biology, chemistry, engineering, and geometry.

This is a paid software where you have to pay for $399 license and it is targeted at schools and universities. It is a good tool for faculty that want a comprehensive application which provides quality content in different subject areas. However, it is available free for 30days for students and teachers that want to use it.


If you want the freedom to handwrite your math work on your PC, FluidMath is an excellent application for that purpose. It helps to convert handwriting into formulas and gives graph solutions on digital paper. Importantly, it converts equations to text. You can use it for your assignment, all you have to do is to write your solution without doing it on paper. It is a free app to use but the in-app upgrade will cost you $15.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a very useful tool when it comes to classroom and learning content. Online many other tools, it has rich content where you can get information on your study without distraction.

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It is a good resource teacher can use to give their students some visual assistance and it can be used by students for spicing up a presentation. This tool can be used easily on Window 10 especially if your PC is touchscreen.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a very important tools for keeping all your work in one place and making it accessible. Many schools use to assign their students a Drive account, you can use this tools to enhance your ability to share projects over Docs, Sheets, and Slides.


For those that don’t like OneNote, Evernote may be what you need. Evernote has a clean, minimalist interface to take notes, organize notebooks, and gives you the option to share your note with others.

The Evernote Clipper helps users to save articles on their account, which is handy for in-depth reports. The free level has limit, it let you to sync across two devices and upload 60MB of content. The Plus level allow up to 1GB and gives you syncing across all devices for a price of $35 per year. Premium allow you to save up to 10GB files for $70 per year.

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