DSI-HSRC Internship Programme 2023/24

DSI-HSRC Internship Programme

We are delighted to announce that the application for the 2023/25 DSI-HSRC Internship Programme is now open.

In today’s competitive job market, practical experience alongside academic qualifications is crucial. The DSI-HSRC Internship Programme, managed by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) on behalf of the Department of Science and Innovation, provides an exceptional opportunity for unemployed graduates and postgraduates to gain such experience. This article will guide you through the benefits of the programme, eligibility requirements, and application procedure, enabling you to secure a spot in this prestigious initiative.

DSI-HSRC Internship Programme

The DSI-HSRC Internship Programme is specifically designed for unemployed graduates and postgraduates in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET), Research, Development, Innovation, Social Sciences, and Humanities. The programme goes beyond offering a mere internship opportunity by providing an immersive, practical work experience through mentoring and exposure to environments relevant to the interns’ qualifications.

Participants will have the chance to be placed in public and private higher education institutions, science councils, research agencies, the private sector, non-profit organizations, and relevant industries. Candidates with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply, with the assurance of receiving reasonable disability support upon request.

Benefits of the DSI-HSRC Internship Programme

Engaging in the DSI-HSRC Internship Programme offers numerous advantages that extend beyond gaining practical work experience:

  1. Exposure to Professional Environments: Interns are placed in institutions and organizations directly related to their fields of study, providing exposure to real-world professional environments.
  2. Mentorship Opportunities: The programme offers mentoring, providing invaluable advice, guidance, and industry insights.
  3. Competitive Remuneration: Interns receive a monthly salary based on their level of qualification for the two-year duration of the internship.
  4. Career Boost: Participation in this prestigious programme can significantly enhance your resume and increase your prospects of securing a desirable job in the future.
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Eligibility Criteria for the DSI-HSRC Internship Programme

To be eligible for the DSI-HSRC Internship Programme, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. South African Citizen or Permanent Resident: Applicants must hold a valid South African Identity Document and be either a citizen or a permanent resident.
  2. Unemployment and Age Requirement: Candidates should be currently unemployed and 35 years of age or younger at the time of appointment to the internship programme.
  3. Academic Qualification: Applicants must hold a graduate degree in the specified fields, at the following levels:
    • NQF Level 7: Bachelor’s, Advanced Diploma, or B-Tech Degree;
    • NQF Level 8: Bachelor’s Hons Degree and Postgraduate Diploma;
    • NQF Level 9: Master’s Degree or M-Tech.
  4. Completed Studies: Candidates must have completed their studies at the time of submitting the application.

Please note that certain categories of applicants are not eligible for this programme, including those with a Diploma below NQF level 7 or a PhD at NQF level 10, full-time students registered Doctoral students, and individuals holding DSI-funded scholarships or bursaries during the internship year.

Application Procedure for the DSI-HSRC Internship Programme

Applications must be submitted electronically through the DSI-HSRC Internship Online Management System. Follow these steps:

  1. Register: Create an intern account by providing your personal details.
  2. Complete Profile: Log in and access the “My Profile” menu to fill out all the required information.
  3. Submit Application: Proceed to the “My Applications” menu, create an application, and complete all relevant sections according to the provided instructions.

Attachments required for the application include certified copies of certificates, academic records indicating the completion of the qualification (or Letter of Completion), and a certified copy of South Africa ID or passport

DSI-HSRC Internship Application Dates

The closing date for applications isĀ Friday, 26 May 2023. No late applications will be considered.


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