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Best UNISA Diploma Courses and Requirements 


It is important to know which Unisa diploma courses you should apply for as a grade 12 student in South Africa. Every grade 12 student in South Africa has the ambition to be studying a degree course as soon as they get into the university.

However, it is not always so due to one reason or the other. Some students won’t get admitted into a degree course and does it mean the end of the world? No. There are good diploma courses that you can opt for. 

This being said, the University of South Africa, popularly known as UNISA, is offering top-quality diploma courses to prospective students who are willing to apply. The duration of a diploma course is 3 years like a degree course. 

This article will give you in full detail the top Unisa diploma courses you can apply for.

Best UNISA Diploma Courses and Requirements 

Top Unisa Diploma Courses and Requirements

Here are some of the top Unisa diploma courses and their requirements.

Diploma in Law

This is one of the top Unisa diploma courses. The University of South Africa offers a Diploma in law to students who are interested in the course as long as the requirements are met. This course aims to provide students with knowledge, skill, and experience in law-related matters. A graduate of this course will be qualified to provide support to legal professionals and will be relevant in the South African law society. 

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A National Senior Certificate and a pass mark of 30% in the language of teaching and learning. 

Diploma in Accounting Sciences 

In UNISA, you can be offered a diploma in accounting sciences if applied. This course is for students who want to go to management accounting fully. This program at the University of South Africa is fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting. And every graduate who wants to further their education in CIMA studies would be allowed to skip the CIMA certificate in business accounting and start from CIMA operational level. 


The requirement for this course in UNISA is a national senior certificate and a pass mark of 30% in the language of teaching and learning. 6 or 7 courses must be passed which include mathematics.

Diploma in Information Technology 

This is one of the top diploma courses at Unisa. A diploma in Information Technology is available to students who show interest and meet the admission requirements. A graduate of this course would have developed great skills and knowledge in general information technology and would have to specialize in one of many options that are there in Information Technology. The options include business applications, software development, web and application development, industrial systems designs, and many more options. 


You are required to have a valid National Senior Certificate or other related qualifications.

Diploma in Electrical Engineering 

Electrical engineering is another diploma course you can opt for at the University of South Africa. This qualification broadens your knowledge and gives you the skills required to pursue a career in becoming a qualified engineering technician. A graduate of this course would be recognized by the Engineering Council of South Africa. With this certificate, students can also further their education in Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree and any university in South Africa.

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Diploma in Public Relations 

Learners of this course will be able to develop skills in solving problems regarding professional communication by working as a team or as an individual. You would be able to manage administrative work including financial applications, provide organizational support in a communication context and express ethical conduct. More so, you can use this course as a bridging course to study degree-related courses at the University of South Africa or other universities in South Africa.

Diploma in Animal Health

The University of South Africa offers you the opportunity to study diploma in Animal Health. This course is for students who would love to have a career in farm animal management, and animal health products. Students would have learned proper animal health care, disease control, management techniques, animal feed production, and production of raw materials from animals.

Diploma in Agricultural Management 

Agricultural Management is one of the most demanded skills in South Africa and Africa in general. Learners of this course would be trained to be lower-level managers and technicians in the agricultural sector. They would have gathered skill and experience to begin their production individually. 

Other Unisa diploma courses that are available include:

  • Diploma in Mining Engineering 
  • Diploma in Nature Conservation 
  • Diploma in Policing
  • Diploma in Safety Management 
  • Diploma in Security Management 
  • Diploma in Tourism Management 
  • Diploma in Administrative Management 
  • Diploma in Chemical Engineering 
  • Diploma in Local Government Finance 

Frequently Asked Questions on Unisa Diploma Courses

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Unisa diploma courses and their answers.

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How long does a diploma course take?

A diploma course at the University of South Africa takes three years maximum. 

How many points is a diploma?

A diploma course in South Africa is 18 points which is quite higher than a higher certificate course.

What are the minimum requirements for a diploma course?

The minimum requirement for a diploma course is a recognized National Senior Certificate and a 40% pass mark in at least 4 subjects. 

Conclusion on Unisa Diploma Courses

Unisa is known for its quality education all over South Africa and if you are studying any courses where degree, diploma, or higher certificate, you can be sure you are getting the best you can ever get. Just pick any of the Unisa diploma courses and you are good to go.

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