Available Unisa Teaching Courses (2022)

unisa teaching courses

Among the qualifications available at the University of South Africa is teaching. Unisa teaching courses are under the faculty of education at the University of South Africa and the school offers a variety of teaching qualifications which ranges from higher certificate in education, diplomas, advanced diplomas, degrees in education, and master’s programs.

Now let’s talk about Unisa teaching courses.

unisa teaching courses

List of Available UNISA Teaching Courses 

Below is the list of available Unisa teaching courses at the University of South Africa.

Higher Certificates

Unisa teaching courses that are under higher certificates include;

Advanced Certificates

Unisa teaching courses that are under advanced certificates include:

Postgraduate Certificates

Unisa teaching courses that are under postgraduate certificates include:

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Unisa teaching courses that are under diplomas include:

Advanced Diploma

Unisa teaching courses that are under advanced diploma include:

Bachelor Degrees

Honors Degrees

Unisa teaching courses that are under honors degrees include:

Postgraduate Diplomas

Unisa Teaching courses for Postgraduate Diplomas include;

Frequently Asked Questions on Unisa Teaching Courses

Below are the frequently asked questions about the Unisa teaching courses and their answers.

What are the requirements to study a teaching course at UNISA?

The requirements to study Unisa teaching courses include having a National Certificate Vocational Level 4 along with up to 60% in three basic subjects which include the language of teaching and learning.

How many years is teaching course at UNISA?

Unisa teaching courses take a minimum of four years to complete as an undergraduate student.

How much does it cost to study teaching at UNISA?

Many factors determine your fee to study Unisa teaching courses, your preference qualification and the number of your chosen modules play a vital role in the total amount. 

What APS score is needed for teaching at UNISA?

The required  UNISA admission point score for a Higher Certificate in teaching is 18,  23 for Bachelor of Education in the intermediate phase, senior phase, and foundation phase teaching.


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