Psychology Courses at UNISA 2023/2024


Are you thinking about enrolling at the University of South Africa (UNISA) to study psychology in 2023 or 2024? UNISA provides students with the chance to study psychology by offering a variety of courses.

From the Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology through Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, UNISA provides a broad range of psychology courses.



Students who enroll in UNISA’s Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology program will acquire both academic and practical knowledge of psychology. Advanced research techniques, psychological evaluation, the psychophysiology of sleep, health psychology, environmental psychology, and language context are among the other subjects it addresses.

UNISA provides a Master’s degree program in Clinical Psychology that is focused on the research and practice of clinical psychology for individuals who are interested in it. Clinical interviewing techniques, psychological evaluation, and diagnosis, philosophy, and practice of psychotherapy, research methodology, and ethics are some of the subjects covered in this course.

UNISA also provides modules in Anthropology (APY1501) and Philosophy in addition to these courses (PLS2601).

Therefore, go no further if you’re looking for a comprehensive list of psychology courses that UNISA offers. Everyone interested in pursuing a career in psychology is guaranteed to find something at UNISA thanks to the wide variety of courses and modules it offers.


  • To study psychology at Unisa, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent qualifications in two subjects at the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or GCE A level, plus passes at grade C or above in three subjects at the GCSE level. You may also need to complete the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree if you wish to pursue a career in psychology.
  • In addition, there are specific requirements for each of the different courses offered by Unisa. For example, if you are interested in Clinical Psychology, you will need to complete modules such as Introduction to Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology. If you are interested in Neuropsychology, then you will need to complete modules such as Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychological Assessment.
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Additionally, it’s crucial to keep in mind that some courses could require additional credentials or experience in order to be admitted to the program. For instance, if you wish to work in counseling psychology, you might need to obtain extra credentials like a Master’s degree or appropriate professional experience.


Do you intend to apply to the University of South Africa (UNISA) for psychology courses? In that case, you’ve found the right location. Please adhere to the instructions provided HERE for applying for admission to UNISA.

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