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How To Apply To Varsity College Online For 2019/2020 Admission


Application is now open for all aspirants that want to study at Varsity College. The college is the only private institution of higher learning that is accredited and registered to offer a four year LLB programme, this was granted to them last year.

Varsity College is IIE’s BAC accredited by the British Accredited Council (BAC) which is an internationally recognised quality assurance agency. The BAC accreditation is an assurance that Varsity College offers IIE learning experience that meets international best practice standards.

Varsity College is registered under the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher institution and training institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997 (reg. no. 2007/HE07/002). Below is how to apply to Varsity College Online.

Apply To Varsity College Online

How To Apply To Varsity College

Follow the steps below to successfully apply for admission at Varsity College.

Step 1

Visit the institution website

Step 2

On the institution website or  Facebook, you will fill an inquiry form to find our what IIE’s Varsity College can offer you. You can also engage with Ed, a full-time study inquiry bot, or Pam, a part-time study inquiry bot. After the inquiry, you will be contacted by one of the college Student Advisors to discuss the best qualification that will suit you based on your career ambition and ability.

Step 3

Prospective full-time students are encouraged to visit the college campus of their interview to experience the college safe and secure campuses, sports offers, student life, accommodation and more. Prospective part-time students can opt for a call-me-back on the college website to book a telephonic appointment, do a live chat with one of the college consultant or contact one of Varsity campuses directly.

Step 4

You can apply immediately after you have gotten all the information needed about the choice of study qualification at the IIE’s Varsity College. It is advisable to apply immediately for admission as limited space is available.

Step 5

After you applied and paid the application fee, it will take a period of two weeks for the campus to issue you a conditional acceptance letter if you meet the admission requirements.

Step 6

For you to register you must have completed your application to the college. The full-time applications for 2020 IIE degree studies will close on 15 November 2019, after which a late application fee will be levied. IIE diploma & higher certificate applications do not have a cut-off date, but space is limited and fill up on time, so it is advisable to apply early. The registration for 2020 full-time studies will open on 2 December 2019 for all new students.


There is no application cut-off date for 2020 part-time 1st-semester studies, but applications are accepted on the basis of which candidate register first. Registration for 2020 will start on 2 December 2019 for all new students.


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