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Greenside Design Center College courses


Here is the list of the Greenside Design Center College courses that are available for study. Below, you will find degree courses and certificate courses offered at the school.

The Greenside Design Center focused on nurturing creative and innovative design. It is an internationally acclaimed design school, GDC has trained many graduates in the design industry to bring ideas and fresh thinking to reality through their design.

Greenside Design Center College courses range from the degree, honour degree and higher certificates in many design disciplines like Interior design, Graphic design and Multimedia design.

Greenside Design Center College Courses

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Greenside Design Center College Courses

Below are the Greenside Design Center college courses available for study in the college of design:

Graphic Design

Graphic Design involves using images and text to communicate a message to an audience through hand and computer-generated images.

  • BA Degree in Graphic Design, NQF7
  • BA Honours Graphic Design, NQF8
  • Higher Certificate in Design: Graphic Design, NQF5

Multimedia Design

Multimedia design deals with the integration of multiple forms of media and interactive elements for user interaction.

  • Higher Certificate in Design: Multimedia Design, NQF5
  • BA Degree in Multimedia Design, NQF7
  • BA Honours Multimedia Design, NQF8

Interior Design

Interior Design is about the problem solving of interior spaces with the design of buildings and space planning in mind.

  • Higher Certificate in Design: Interior Design & Decor, NQF5
  • BA Degree Interior Design, NQF7
  • BA Honours Interior Design, NQF8
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Game Design

This Greenside Design Center college course trains students in both design and development of games. Students will be exposed to both Gaming Design and gaming engines as well as virtual reality technology.

  • Higher Certificate in Design: Game Design, NQF5
  • Higher Certificate in Design: 3D Animation & Visual Effects, NQF5

Industrial Product & Furniture Design

This is a practical program where students are exposed to an extensive range of product types and processes

  • Higher Certificate in Design: Industrial Product & Furniture Design, NQF5

2D & 3D Animation


The 2D and 3D animation program will provide students with detailed knowledge of planning and managing products while getting exposure to software and communication skills.

  • Higher Certificate in Design: 2D Illustration & Motion Graphics, NQF5
  • Higher Certificate in Design: 3D Animation & Visual Effects, NQF5

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