How Do I Log Into The CPUT Blackboard?

CPUT Blackboard Portal

CPUT Blackboard login is the portal through which you can access so many CPUT tools as a student or instructor.

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology, popular as CPUT, provides all students with a Blackboard platform. This is a safe online environment for learning, providing students with the option to integrate their social media. 

It also allows students to privatize their information based on their interests and clearly distinguish between their personal and academic profiles. On the Blackboard, students access necessary information about their studentship.

If you are new to this platform, rest assured that this article will provide the necessary information on how to access this platform. 

CPUT has adopted a Learning Management System (LMS) known as My classroom and CPUT Blackboard. 

This platform makes online classes easy for students. On it, they can receive online lectures and lecture notes and submit their assignments. 

This e-learning portal is also used by lecturers at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology to post their courses and course materials and to disseminate important news and updates.

CPUT Blackboard Portal

How to Go About CPUT Blackboard Login

  1. Input
  2. Fill in your CPUT Blackboard Login username 
  3. Provide your password
  4. Click “sign in” for you to open your course content

This platform allows students and staff to log in to a third-party account. All you need to do is to click “sign in with a third-party account.” 

This third-party account gives you additional access to CPUT Blackboard. It authenticates your CPUT student email.

Your CPUT student email is available to the cloud and will grant entry when the CPUT systems are unavailable to inactive. 

CPUT first-year students will be put through by experts on how to work with the CPUT Blackboard. 

There may be times when students will be expected to complete online tests on the Blackboard and also make use of the forum tools to communicate with peers. 

The CPUT Blackboard is available for download as a mobile app for staff and students on Android and IOS devices and you can easily access the CPUT Blackboard login page.

For the lecturers, the application is called “Instructor” and “Blackboard” for students. 

The first thing you should fill in on the CPUT Blackboard login application is the Cape Peninsula University of Technology as your institution. 

Then input your username and password as used initially on the CPUT Blackboard login (web). 

How Do I Access CPUT OPA?

This is your online personal access page. You can access your OPA through the link to view your internet and printing balances. Click the login icon and input your student number as username and password.  

How To Change A Password On CPUT 

If you want to change or reset your Cape Peninsula University of Technology, the following will guide you through how to change your password. 

Before you reset your password, be attentive to the following; 

  1. Be sure to put a new pass that you will remember. 
  2. Personal information is not advisable to use as a password. 
  3. It is risky to re-use your social media password. 
  4. Numbers, symbols, and upper case letters are advisable to make the password strong.

To change your CPUT Blackboard password login, a password reset option has been provided for staff and students. 

You will need to provide the following information to register for this service.  

  1. An email that is not a CPUT student email address for the password reset process. The email will be the recipient of the new pin required to change the password. 
  2. A phone. The reset pin will be sent to this phone number if you need to change your password. 
  3. Before you can use the reset option, you have to first register. 
  4. Once you have registered, you can reset your password. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Often, students have issues with their CPUT Blackboard login porta,l especially the new students. These are some frequently asked questions on CPUT blackboard login and their answers.

What Is My CPUT Username And Password?

Your initial password is a combination of your CPUT student’s number and your Date of Birth, i.e., the last 4 digits of student no_DateofBirth (DDMMYY), e.g., 7699_120402. You don’t log on using your CPUT username; you log on using your new CPUT student email address and password. 

How Do I Find My CPUT Pin?

If you can not find your pin, click the login to SOS button, fill in your CPUT student number, and click on “Request a pin.” Then return to the SOS page and click the “Get your PIN here” application to have the pin displayed to you. You do not have more than 3 attempts to request a pin. 

What Is OPA At CPUT?

CPUT OPA is the Cape Peninsula University of Technology Online Personal Access. CPUT OPA is built for ease of usage with all levels, from freshers to final-year students. Everything is basic, visual, and user’s friendly. OPA is built with the latest web technologies clean and optimized code base to improve your website speed and get information quickly.


CPUT blackboard login is essential to all students at different levels at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. All students must be able to operate it as it is used as part of their academic activities. This article sheds light on CPUT Blackboard login, how to operate it, and reset the password. 


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