Central Johannesburg College Admission Online Application Form and Admission Requirements

This information is for students that want to to apply for Central Johannesburg college admission. The admission application into the Central Johannesburg College is basically online and CJC admission requirements,

Central Johannesburg College online application is open for interested applicants throughout the year. Students applying for CJC admission are to pay online application fee which is on the online request form. The college also provides details on the institution fees at the beginning of each academic year for each course. Applicants should check CJC course details and admission requirements before applying for admission.

The college online application form is on their official website. To apply for admission, you can download the form on the website and fill it accordingly. If you complete the form online, you are to submit the form when you are done on the website. If you download the form, you are to complete it and submit it to the college admission office.

The college Online application for 2020 is currently ongoing and is available until 31/12/2020.

Central Johannesburg College

Central Johannesburg College Admission Application Form

Central Johannesburg TVET College (CJC) is an education and training college that offers many courses. The college has over fifty-six full-time study opportunities, in four schools, giving students the opportunity to make choice. The college also provides students with the opportunity to study on a part-time basis.

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How to Apply to Central Johannesburg College

Step 1: Get your application form for Central Johannesburg TVET College.

You can get a form at the college campus or download it online. Fill the form correctly and attached all the required documents.

Submit the form to the address below.:

5 Ubla Avenue
(Off Princess of Wales Terrace)
South Africa

Step 2: Complete your application form in full.

Complete the form correctly. Failure to fill all the required filed will lead to loss of admission. Remember you need an email address for the application.

Step 3: Attach all supporting documents.

The documents below are the documents you must attach to your dorm:

  • Proof of residence
  • Certified copy of guardian/parent ID
  • Student certified ID
  • Latest Academic Results
  • Valid temporary residence permit (international students)

Step 4: Find Funding.

You are to pay the online application form fee for the college to process your application. The fee amount is on the form.

Central Johannesburg College (CJC) Registration / Application

Central Johannesburg College (CJC) Registration / Application Form 2019: 

The CJC 2020 registration will be open during the first week of January 2020. Candidates are to register for programs/courses through a single registration form at one of the Central Johannesburg College (CJC) campuses: Alexander Campus, Crown Mines Campus, Parktown Campus, Ellis Park Campus, Riverlea Campus, and Langlaagte Campus.

Make sure you scan all the copies of your statement and other documents required to fill the registration form of Central Johannesburg College 2020.

Central Johannesburg College (CJC) Admission Requirements

You are to meet the following requirements to enrol into any of the NC(V) qualifications at NQF Level 2:

  • Grade 9 pass or higher qualification; OR
  • An NQF Level 1 qualification; OR
  • An approved bridging program designed for the specific purpose to access NQF Level 2; OR
  • A Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment to meet the basic requirements for access to NQF Level 2

To enrol for NQF Level 3, students must have completed a relevant NQF Level 2.


  • You must pass all SEVEN subjects to obtain the NC(V) qualification at a particular level and to progress to the next NQF Level.
  • The pass requirement for the four vocation subjects is 50% per subject
  • The pass requirement for the fundamental subjects is as follows:
    •  Life Orientation 40%
    • Language/Communication 40%
    • Maths/Maths Literacy 30%

Central Johannesburg College Campuses

Central Johannesburg College Parktown Campus
Tel: 011 643 8421
Fax: 011 643 1020

Central Johannesburg College Riverlea Campus

39 Ashburton St
2093 Johannesburg
Phone +27 11 474 2080
Fax: 011 473 2321

Central Johannesburg College Marketing & Communications Department
Tel: 011 351 6000
Fax: 011 484 2738

Central Johannesburg College Ellis Park Campus
Tel: 011 402 2990
Fax: 011 402 2991

Central Johannesburg College Crown Mines Campus
Tel: 011 247 0913
Fax: 011 247 0916

Central Johannesburg College Troyville ICT Learning Resource Centre
Tel: 011 216 0300
Fax: 011 216 0301

Central Johannesburg College Langlaagte Campus
Tel: 011 839 2781
Fax: 011 839 3972

Central Johannesburg College Alexandra Campus
Tel: 011 882 9763
Fax: 011 882 3305

CJC Contact Details

You can contact the college using the following details:

5 Ubla Avenue
(Off Princess of Wales Terrace)
Johannesburg, South Africa

Write to:
Private Bag 70500

E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: (011) 351 6000
Facsimile: (011) 484 2738

You can drop a comment below for more information on CJC


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