10 Richest Forex trading Millionaires In South Africa (Male And Female).

Forex trading

In every industry in the world there are always what we refer to as high performers, there is no exception when it comes to Forex trading.

Forex trading which is fully known as Foreign Exchange Trading has made a lot of people millionaires and yes a lot has actually lost money due to quick hype. But regardless there are certain individuals who have mastered the craft some over short periods and others have spent years, but these individuals have amassed quite a net worth. Sit tight close all tabs let’s dive deep into the 10 richest Forex traders in South Africa.

Who is the richest Forex trader in South Africa?

1. Ref Wayne:

Why place him first you ask? Well, Ref Wayne announced his net worth as a millionaire at the age of 22. He started From the ground up and is considered to be one of the smartest if not the smartest Forex trader in South Africa.

The ref has held countless seminars teaching the south African youths Forex trading and giving them tips. With this, he began his own Forex institute named Africa Forex Institute.

Ref Wayne is the creator of Africa first cryptocurrency coin which he named Pip Coin.

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2. Sandile Shezi

Considered to be one of the youngest millionaire Forex traders in South Africa, you can but agree that he is doing well for himself.

Sandile has a similar story or per se more touching to Ref Wayne. He took a lot of risks to get to where he is currently, one slight mistake could have cost him much in terms of poverty.

Coming from a humble beginning and living in one of the poorest ghettoes of South Africa, things were not so smooth as he foots most of the bills from the little job he did, whilst attending a local college.

But Sandile tools his tuition fee and placed everything into Forex trading. However, everything worked fine and that’s the reason you’re getting his success story today.

He created an academy called Global Forex institute where he teaches young entrepreneurs how to navigate their way in the financial markets.

3. George van der Riet

The story of George is not the regular grace to grace kind of story. Born and raised in Cape town, and then moving to the UK to study finance.

Got a job at a financial firm in the UK and began Forex trading for the company, this was what helped him developed the skills and other skills in the financial markets.

After working in the UK for years he returned back to South Africa in 2010, met Sandile showed him more things and they both set up a trading institute together.

George van der Riet is one of the big house names in Forex trading in South Africa.

4. Jabulani Ngcobo a.k.a Cash Flow Ngcobo

Cash Flow Ngcobo is not only a Forex trader but a motivational speaker, a socialite, an actor and a media personality.

After making his millions in Forex, he started hosting paid classes for students and began to hold seminars for Forex trading.

He then moved to other things that brought money for him, he is a Very famous household name in the Forex industry of South Africa.

5. Louris Tshakoane

Louris Tshakoane is also known as Louris Tshakoane jr because of his rich and famous father. When they say wealth pushes you 10x ahead of others it is true and Louris Tshakoane is a testament.

He has been into other things before diving into Forex, he was in charge of the community gym by Richard Brandson, he is also a model and has been featured by top brands.

He currently owns and runs Undercover Billionaires International which is a registered Forex company.

6. Neliswe Masango

Neliswe Masango is considered the richest female Forex trader in South Africa. She is the director of Bear Run Investment which is a registered company in South Africa.

She started out early in life to study neurosurgery but switched to Entrepreneurship Management and dropped halfway to learn the trade of Forex.

7. Paballo Nkwe and Danielle Lester

The duo ladies are one of the strongest force in the Forex industry in South Africa. Ladies in their 20’s combined to form iSelect Wealth which is a Forex trading company.

Aside from private mentorship and consulting they also advise companies on how to manage their Forex portfolio.

They also have a regular women campaign where they go to every university and talk to women, empower them and guide them to change their financial intelligence.

8. Simz D’ Mandla

Simz D’ Mandla is the CEO of Trade4Africa .org, he is a multi-millionaire and also has the Africa Millionaire Den, which is a den not for lion’s this time around but for Millionaires.

Making his first million at the early age of 19 he is an inspiration to many young South Africa. He currently is an Angeli Investor, motivational speaker.

9. Shaun Benjamin

Starting with Shaun Benjamin’s quote

A person’s upbringing and where they come from do not determine one’s capabilities or where you will end up in life. One learns a lot more from making mistakes than not doing anything at all. We can use those mistakes as stepping stones to get our desired goals.”

After his high graduation and Acceptance to study engineering, he later dropped that and went for mining.

Got his certificate as a miner, got employed went into Forex and made his millions. Then he created Benjamin Forex Academy and also formed Benjamin Investment Group which he used to manage real estate and mining.

Being a serial businessman he has been able to achieve a lot in his life and also made a household name for himself.

Do you want to become rich trading Forex?

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