What should bookies and casinos in South Africa do to popularize their mobile betting apps?

Creating a mobile app for online betting is not an easy process because it takes time and money. A lot of gambling brands decide to go through it and offer their users all sorts of things available right at their fingertips. However, not all of them know how to advertise this product.

Although things like the Betway app need no advertisement because this is one of the world’s leading gambling websites, other brands do not have the prestige and name recognition, especially in South Africa. Considering this is one of the most important and fast-growing markets in the world, these brands need to think outside the box and do all sorts of things to
advertise what they offer.

Although companies can do whatever they want, there are a couple of proven strategies that work, and we’ll go over each one in this article.

Use the power of social media

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to advertise something online and not include social media. With billions of users worldwide, reaching your desired clients has never been easier, which is why even gambling websites use things like Instagram, Telegram, and more.

The only problem when it comes down to advertising a gambling app on those platforms is that it is not as easy as it seems due to different regulations. Unfortunately, iGaming operators have to adhere to tons of extra rules because platforms are usually not keen on showing gambling content. That’s why there are cases where companies have to be a lot
more innovative.

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Provide freebies to people who get the app

Like gamblers who reside in other countries, South African online bettors will be really happy if they can use something for free. Whether this will be a no-deposit bonus or they will be able to withdraw for free, the fact that this thing exists automatically makes the specific product more desirable. That’s why it’s no surprise that a lot of gambling sites decide to offer
such things when they create a mobile app and want to popularize it.

The only way for users to test what the app offers is to get it. Once that happens, they usually need to add a promo code or contact the customer support team, and the latter will reward them. Of course, bettors can only use the perk while using the application.

South African gambling platforms can sign partnership deals with influential people

The next thing that many gambling websites do when they want to advertise a given mobile betting application is to sign partnership deals with celebrities and famous people in sports. This is a common thing in many countries because everyone knows that the most popular athletes, actors, and so on have a lot of fans that will do almost everything they tell them.
The bad thing about this approach is that it can be pretty expensive, especially for companies who decide to advertise their app using the most popular people in a given sport. As a result, a lot of brands can not afford it.

Offer unique mobile-only products

Although some people will say that this is a double-edged sword because desktop clients won’t be happy, a lot of iGaming companies in South Africa and other places have decided to offer unique betting products to people who get the application. The perk itself can be a new section, more sports, unique markets.,higher odds, more casino games, and a lot of other things.

Usually, online betting operators will only allow people to access these products if they register after getting the application. In other words, those who download the app but already have an account using the desktop site may not be able to put them to the test.

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