TUTEH launches TRes, a digital platform for student accommodation

The commercial arm of the Tshwane University of Technology, TUT Enterprise Holdings (TUTEH) has launch a digital platform that will enable students to get accommodation easily by connecting students and accommodation providers.

TRes will solve the problem Tshwane University of Technology has been facing for decades every beginning of a new session. The institution has been facing challenges when it comes to accommodation for years. At the beginning of each session, many students do sleep on the streets due to accommodation issues and many of them have been a victim of criminal activities.

Nicholas Motsatse, the CEO of TUTEH said TRes is a digital platform aimed at improving students life when it comes to accommodation with the appropriate tool and support.


In his words, “The design and functionality of the platform aim to create ongoing interaction between students, accommodation providers and university administrators in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect. Each of the participants must always feel like their voice is heard. The core idea behind TRes is that student accommodation is not only big business, but it is also more importantly about human dignity. It is about the totality of the experience of being a university student. It is one of the critical contributory factors to student performance.”

This project was conducted with alliance with TUT’s Faculty of Information Communication Technology (FoICT). A team of technology students of the institution that graduated recently and part of FoICT’s Informatics Community Engagement Programme (ICEP) was set up and tasked with the development of TRes. This project was also supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Agile 42, a specialist project management firm. The team will continue to add features that will make getting accommodation easier for students.

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This project will allow students to rate their accommodation quality daily and accommodation that have good rating will display frequently on the TRes landing page.

One of the features is that students are now able to rate the quality of their accommodation daily, which then translates into the prominent display of those highly rated residences on the landing page of TRes. This is a project that will benefit students greatly and make accommodation provider to improve the quality of accommodation they provide for students.

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