The South African Human Right Commission (SAHRC) will start visiting schools to ensure that students have access to adequate food, nutrition and learning materials. The commission appreciate the effort of the Government, stakeholders, unions and school governing bodies to the commitment to reopen Grade 7 and Grade 12 schoold.

The commission’s spokesperson Gushwell Brooks said the commission will monitor the challenges faced by schools.

In his word, he said “Monitoring activities and/or engagement with stakeholders will focus on continued access to education for all learners in light of Covid-19 responses and recovery plans. The commission shall place considerable focus on support for learners in Grades R to 6 while they are not at school,”

Brooks mentioned that they will do everything possible to ensure that no learner be left behind and there will be focus on the delivery of health and safety requirements to schools that had received. Also, alternative arrangements will be available for learners to access learning materials where schools had not been able to open.

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