Mini Dorm Refrigerator for College Students

Mini Dorm Refrigerator for College Students

A mini dorm refrigerator for college students is a must-have as it serves as a great help in terms of stocking up: fresh foods, fresh fruits, cold drinks, or leftovers.

Putting the space and room size into consideration, a mini dorm refrigerator occupies a small space area & limited room. Also, considering the student’s tight budget and the physical value of the refrigerator in the room, we have found 4 dorm refrigerators that look cool and amazing.

Mini Dorm Refrigerator for College Students

Primary considerations for mini-fridges

As there are many different sizes and configurations of mini-fridges, there are various available choices you get to choose from.

All you need to do is, finding the right size and features that will suit your student’s dorm room taste and budget.

  • Budget: Naturally, a larger mini fridge will cost more than a smaller mini-fridge. You spend more on stylistic options if you want stainless steel or a glass door.
  • Capacity: The capacity of a mini-fridge is usually listed in cubic feet. This informs you of the size and number of items that can be placed inside, although shelves and freezer space take up some of this capacity. Some manufacturers also list the capacity for a mini-fridge as the number of 12-ounce cans the unit can hold.                                                                  Larger capacity mini-fridges provide better results, from an energy efficiency standpoint, according to Designs Authority.
  • Freezer compartment: Most dorm room fridges contain at least a small freezer compartment. However, it’s not accessible through a separate door like it is with a full-size refrigerator. This causes the freezer to not be as efficient as what you’ll find in a standard refrigerator. For example, many freezers in mini-fridges are too small to even hold a large frozen pizza.
  • Size:  The physical size of a refrigerator matter in a dorm room. It is essential you look through the specifications for a mini-fridge before purchase, to ensure it fits well into your available space. There are varieties of sizes offered such as cube-shaped, tall and thin, and everything in between, according to Drink Stuff.
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Features to look for in mini-fridges

The mini-fridge does not have numerous sophisticated features, unlike the new full-sized refrigerators. The key features in a mini-fridge are quite a bit more low-tech but are still important.

  • Compressed power: A sealed compressor powers the mini-fridge. A compressed power unit mini fridge doesn’t need airflow to move across coils to help it dissipate heat. Having a compressed power source makes it easy to tuck the mini-fridge into a corner of a small dorm room, without having to worry about air movement says the DIY Experts Network.
  • Reversible door: With some mini-fridges, you get to open the door to the left or right(depending on what your dorm needs) because of its reversible door hinges feature. Some mini fridges have a locking door, which is important in a dorm room whereby a lot of people come and go, says Consumer Reports. 
  • Shelving: A mini-fridge having glass shelves in place of wire shelves is preferable, says Consumer Search. This is because glass shelves provide more stability and protect against spills. Adjustable shelves are important too as you can remove them as you like.

Mini Dorm Refrigerator for College Students

MIDEA Compact Reversible-Door Refrigerator

The MIDEA mini fridge is perfect for storing cold sodas, fresh fruits, and leftovers. It is particularly suitable for dorm use because its door direction is reversible.  MIDEA also offers mini-fridges in multiple sizes, including 1.6 cubic feet unit, or up to 3.5 cubic feet. It also comes in two finishes—black and stainless steel.

midea compact reversible door

Coolui Portable Mini Fridge

The Coolui Portable is a thermoelectric fridge perfect not only for the dorm, but for camping, tailgating, and travelling anywhere. It comes in a range of fashionable cute colours and even a cow print. The Coolui can be used as a beverage cooler or food warmer as it cools and heats.

It can hold up to 6 12-ounce soda cans. It has a USB charging port which makes it easy to charge. The convenience is top-notch.

coolui portable mini fridge

EdgeStart Convertible Fridge or Freezer

The Edgestart convertible fridge can be easily converted to a freezer with the turn of a dial. It comes with two keys and can be used with the locks just in case you want something locked in.

This fridge can be used in and outside the college. It can be used as a backup fridge/freezer in your apartment/house. It is compact on the outside and spacious on the inside. In terms of space, the EdgeStart Convertible Fridge or Freezer can fit in the tightest space. There is guaranteed coldness and freshness of items stored within this fridge.

Edgestart convertible fridge or freezer

Danby Compact All Refrigerator

The Danby Compact all refrigerator keeps food items stored within cold and fresh, with enough storage area for drinks and other items. This little fridge is 3.3 cubic foot dimensions. It has a wide variety of colours and finishes.

This refrigerator has glass shelves with a light feature where you can easily pick up something even in the dark. It is usually useful even after graduation. It fits perfectly in a dorm, apartment, or even a small office area.

In conclusion, these amazing mini-fridges are a must-have with their serving benefits, making your dorm experience worthwhile.

danby compact all refrigerator

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