Latest Top 10 Music Schools in the World

Music is a fun and entertaining course to study, it is an important part of so many cultures. Studying music requires some level of passion and dedication. This article contains the top 10 music schools in the world.

Taking up a career in music is commonly found among those that are passionate about their skills and talent in the field. It is one of the rewarding careers out there pursue by those that are passionate about it. As much as you want to pursue your career, attending a top music school will provide you with so many opportunities in the field.

A music career depends on no fixed route and the individual’s strengths, skills, and connections within the industry. To benefit from all the top opportunities the career has in stock, one has to attend a music school with a good reputation to be a benefactor of first-class opportunities.

There are many reputable music schools around the world, this post will provide you with the top schools when it comes to music. Many of these top music school are located in the United State of America and Europe. Below are the top ten music schools in the world.


Top 10 Music Schools in the World

Today we will share with you best music school in the world, the list is below:

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1. The Julliard School, New York

Julliard School in New York City has earned a reputation when it comes to Performing Arts Education, the school is highly ranked among others. It was established in 1905 and it has a very strict admission acceptance, the school is very selective when it comes to admission, the school has around 7% acceptance rate.

Julliard offers both postgraduate and undergraduate degree in music, dance and drama. Students of the school have access to first-class music education as they are taught by notable teachers and have access to quality instruments. Also, there is access to exceptional programs like Composition, Historical Performance, Conducting, Vocal Arts and Jazz Studies. Students also have the opportunity to perform live.

There is over 700 live performance sponsored by Julliard each year in music (opera, jazz, contemporary, chamber, etc), which is one of the most things engaged in by the school. Admission into this school is highly competitive, and they don’t require any specific course, GPAs or standardized test for admission, a well-rounded profile is highly recommended.

Julliard requirements are exceptional performing and musicianship, talent, training, and skills. The school has produced many famous graduates in the performance arts field. Notable graduate of Julliard is David Bryan, keyboardist of Bon Jovi.

2. Berklee College of Music, Boston

This college is the largest independent college of contemporary music in the whole world. Berklee College is a private music school, it is a place for all music students that want to be a top artist. The college focus on promoting students talent in pop, rock and any other music genres. This college produced notable artists like John Mayer and Quincy Jones. Berklee gives students options to specialize in the music business, music production, Electronic production, and design.

Also, alumni of the college have won many Grammy awards, Latin Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards and other notable awards in the music industry. The college offers diploma, undergraduate, online degree and certificate, summer programs, postgraduate and other to make learning suitable to students.

Berklee College of Music admission exercise for the undergraduate course includes an interview for applicants and an audition which is not done for graduate courses. For more information, check the Berklee college website.

3. Royal Academy of Music, London

The United Kingdom oldest music school, Royal Academy of Music, London is one of the best school to study music in the world. The academy has many notable alumni in the music industry, an example is a Musician Sir Elton John.

Royal Academy of Music, London offers an undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral program in various music field like Creative Music Leadership, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Performance or Composition and others. In other to make learning flexible and suite the interest of learners, the school offers various diploma programs at postgraduate level.

An interesting fact about this college programs is that they have a program that trains musicians up to 18 years of age where parents can enrol their wards, they also have a Music Academy projects that cater for all ages.

Royal Academy of Music, London is the home to many musical instruments, collections and artefacts. The school encourage practice-based research and other activities to improve learning. Getting admission into the college is very competitive and it might involve an audition.

4. Moscow Imperial Conservatory, Moscow

The Moscow Imperial Conservatory, Russia is one of the top music academies in the world and one of the oldest conservatories in Russia. There are many available courses where the school offers undergraduate and graduate diploma programme, some of the college courses are musical performance, music journalism, composition, music research and others.

The admission into the school is selective, it includes an entrance test to test applicants creativity, professionalism, literature and others. Applicants must be fluent in Russian because the test will be conducted in Russian. Foreign students are to waive off the entrance exam, interested applicants should contact the admission board directly to start application into the school. The school has many renowned composers, pianists violinist and others.

5. Royal College of Music, London

The Royal College of Music in London is a renowned music conservatory school. It offers fine arts programs from undergraduate to research levels. Royal College offers Bachelor of Science in Physics and Music Performance, Master of Education, Master of Science in Performance Science, Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, Master of Performance and other programmes.

In other to give students the best exposure, they engage in study abroad exchange programs with top American, European, Australian and Japanese universities to give their students the opportunity to learn about new cultures and experience a new environment. Alumni of the school are very influential in the music industry, the school alumni are Grammy award-winning composers and musicians. Andrew Lloyd Webber who is one the fifteen in the music industry to have won each of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony is an alumnus of Royal College of Music, London.

6. The University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna

The University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna was established in 1817. It is the largest institution of music, theatre, and film in Australia and also one of the largest in the world. Also, the university is the largest cultural event organizer in Austria, it has over 1300 artistic and cultural events organized each year.

This university has successfully trained over 3000 students in Music and Performance Arts from 70 countries with over 115 programs available for study. The following are the study areas where study can specialize; Movies and TV, Computer Music and Electronic Media, Breathing, Vocal and Physical Education, Music and Instrumental Studies, Music Therapy and others.

Students that want to study scientific research of culture and arts can also enrol for the college doctoral programs.

7. Conservatoire de Paris (Paris Conservatory), Paris

Conservatoire de Paris is one of the world top colleges to study music and dance. The Conservatoire specialize primarily in Dance, Music, Sound Engineering and Pedagogy. Popular programs include Musicology and Analysis, Vocal Disciplines, Jazz and Improvised Music, Early Music and more.

Students that want to study Sound Engineering in the school have the opportunity to choose between two areas; sound engineering and musical acoustics which is unique in France. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs which are open from all nationalities. There are requirements for giving admission, applicants should check the requirements and age limit for each examination.

8. Yale School of Music, Connecticut

Yale University is well known all over the world, Yale School of Music is one of Yale’s 12 professional schools. The school has produced many successful film composer and musicians. The school always organize a live concert for their students to perform.

Yale School of Music offers a joint Bachelor of Arts, Master of Music program in conjunction with Yale College, a certificate program in Performance, Artist Diploma, Master of Music, Master of Musical Arts and Doctor of Musical Arts.

Admissions into Yale School of Music are selective, students must have outstanding talent and a degree from a well recognised international and American music academy. The admission application is done on the Yale College portal, make sure you check the requirements before you apply for admission.

9. New England Conservatory of Music (NEC), Boston

The only music school in the United States to be designated National Historic Landmark and the oldest independent music school in the country is New England Conservatory of Music, Boston. NEC made name for itself with its outstanding piano, brass and woodwinds department.

NEC offer undergraduate diplomas and undergraduate degrees, Masters programs, Graduate Diploma, and Artist Diploma. There is also an opportunity for students to go for the joint double degree with Harvard University and Tufts University. The school gives students total freedom to develop their skills and follow their dream. The school offers summer programs that accept all ages and give students the privilege to perform in NEC’s Music Referral Service and Community Performances & Partnerships Programs as a soloist, large group, small groups or paid gigs.

The admission application into the school is done online which will also include an audition and submission of a prescreening recording. Make sure you check the admission requirements before you proceed with the application.

10. Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia

The dream school for all aspiring Opera musician’s, USA’s Curtis Institute of Music is one of the top 10 music schools in the world. The school is very selective with admission with a low acceptance rate of 4.8%. The institution offers undergraduate and postgraduate performance programs in Music, Music in Opera, Professional Studies Certificate and Post-Baccalaureate Diploma.

Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia offers courses in Strings, Brass, Organ, Vocal Studies and many more. Career Studies is also offered in the school to equip students with trends, industry skills, hands-on technology, pedagogy, entrepreneurship, and community-based projects. The school has produced many icons in the music industry.

Admission application into each course in the school has specific admission application procedures and audition requirements. Visit the school website to know your course requirements before you proceed with the admission application.


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