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How to Register with South Africa Council of Educators, SACE


Are you an Educator?, Did you want to register under the South African Council for Educators, SACE? This article is going to put you through on how to register with SACE to enhance your status as an educator.

The South Africa Council for Educators is the professional body for educators in South Africa. The aim of the council is to enhance the status of the teaching profession through the management of Professional Development, Registration and the promotion of the teaching profession Code of Ethics among educators.

How to register with SACE

Why you need to register to be a Professional Teacher

The following are the reasons you need to register as a professional teacher.

The Section 21 of the South African Council for Educators Act, 2000 state that

  1. every educator contemplated by the Act must register with the Council before getting a teaching post, and
  2. no person may be employed as an educator by an employer unless the person is registered with the Council.

Meaning, before anybody can be allowed to teach in South Africa, he/she must register with the South Africa Council of Educators (SACE). If you want to be a qualified teacher, it is a must do for you. Those that have a foreign qualification will have to be evaluated by South Africa Qualifications Authority (SAQA) first before they can register with SACE.

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You should note that SAQA does not evaluate qualifications for employment in some work areas. Before you can be offered a teaching job in South Africa, your qualification and academic transcript should be submitted to the Department of Basic Education, DBE where it will be evaluated for employment in Education. After the evaluation, you will be informed in writing the outcome of the evaluation. If your qualification is recognized for employment, you can register with SACE where you will receive a registration certificate after successful application.

How to Register with SACE

You have to complete the SACE application form, attach the following certified document and submit:

  • Professional diploma(s) and/or degree certificate(s)
  • Identity document
  • Registration fee

Non-South African citizens are to include the following:

  • SAQA evaluation report
  • Evaluation report for employment in education from the Department of Basic Education
  • Work permit that indicate you can teach in South Africa
  • Evidence that you are a permanent resident and non-South African identity document
  • Evidence of employment or pending employment by a South Africa school.

Who must register with SACE?

Her are the people that must be registered before they can teach:

  • Those that want to teach in public schools.This is in accordance with the terms of Employment of Educators Act of 1998 and the South African Schools Act of 1996
  • Recognized independent schools teachers
  • Educators in Further Education and Training Institutions (Accordance with FET Act of 1998),
  • All educators inAdult learning centers (ABET).
  • Waldorf and Montessori centers
  • All ECD educators with a minimum NQF level 4 ECD qualifications.They must register to teach in public and independent schools in Grade R.
  • All Foreign educators (Council Resolution of 2008).
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SACE Letter of Good Ethical and Professional Standing

Together with the certificate from SACE and the employment evaluation from SAQA, you will also need a letter from the licensing body or Ministry of Education. The letter will serve as an evidence that your right to teach has not been revoked, suspended or cancelled.

The Statement of Professional Standing will provide the information on your past professional service as a teacher. It will state if your certification to teach has been taken due to disciplinary reasons or you are certified to teach in the country, province or state.

Non-South African that are not educator in their home country will need to submit a testimonial from their last Higher Education Institution.

The statement must:

  • Verify that you are certified to teach in the country, province or state
  • State that your authorization to teach was never suspended, cancelled or revoked
  • Be from a licensing authority or Department of Education
  • Must be original and signed by the appropriate official
  • Must not be more than a year old

Contact SACE

You can contact the SACE using the details below:

Physical address: 240 Lenchen Avenue, Centurion, 0046

Postal address: Private Bag X127, Centurion, 0046

Tel no:  086 100 SACE [7223] / (012) 663 9517
Fax no:  (012) 663 9238


Website: www.sace.org.za 

Contact for Evaluation of Foreign Qualification

National department of Education (DoE)

Telephone: +27 12 357 3000

South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

Telephone: +27 12 431 5000


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