Download International Hotel School, IHS 2023 Prospectus

International Hotel School

The International Hotel School Prospectus for 2023 application is now available for download for all interested applicants. The International Hotel School Prospectus for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students is now available for download.

The Management of the International Hotel School (IHS) has made available the institution’s handbook for the 2023 session in PDF format. The IHS 2021 Handbook contains the details for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The handbook is going to contain the updated list of courses. IHS admission requirements, admission guide, available facilities, admission information, and so on. You will also find a guide that will help you to apply successfully for the 2023 admissions.

The handbook is very important for all prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students, it will guide them on the available courses and their requirements. It has the answer to all the things you need to know.

About International Hotel School Prospectus 2021.

The International Hotel School Prospectus is a document for aspiring students to attract them to apply for admission. It contains information about the institution, the available courses, and the admission requirements. You will also find advice on how to apply for admission and the benefits of accepting a place. All universities have a prospectus for all their courses.

The International Hotel School has both online and paper versions of their prospectus for Undergraduate, and Postgraduate courses. If you need the prospectus, you can contact the institution to get one.

You will find information on the individual courses, the staff (professors), notable alumni, the campus, special facilities, how to get in contact with the university, and how to get to the university in the prospectus.

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Download IHS 2021 Prospectus


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