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University of Pretoria TuksSport Bursary

University of Pretoria TuksSport Bursary is open for all students that want to develop their sporting life and obtain a good education in the process.
The management of UP is calling on all students that are interested in sport and education to apply for the ongoing bursary programme. The school has a sporting programme that is developed to improve sporting talent.

University of Pretoria TuksSport Bursary has coaches available to assist and lead young talents to attain their potential. The school is one of the best Academic and Sporting universities in South Africa recognized locally and internationally.
University of Pretoria TuksSport Bursary

University of Pretoria TuksSport Bursary Criteria

1. Prioritising of funds per sporting code, as per the TuksSport club prioritization.
2. Scarcity of athletes in the Club for specific events or playing positions.
3. Potential performances at USSA (The South African Student Championships taking place annually) along with participation at the Varsity Sport SA and Varsity Cup competitions in a specific sporting code.
4. Position on international rankings & ability to qualify for international competitions.
5. Position on sport-specific SA Senior rankings.
6. Position on sport-specific SA Junior rankings.
7. It is the prerogative of the University to award or reject a Sports Performance Support to an individual on the recommendation of the Club, with due regard to aforementioned and other special circumstances.

Application Deadline

The application for the University of TuksSport Bursary is open since the 1st of March and it will close on the 30th of September 2021. Any submission after the closing date will not be considered.

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Note: Closing also depends on the curse of study. It is very important to apply on time.

Apply For Bursary

You will find the application link for the bursary below
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