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UNISA Bridging Courses 2022


In this article, we would provide you the basic information on Unisa bridging courses, their requirements, and fee. 

It is the utmost desire of every student of grade 12 to get into college, earn a degree, and pursue their careers as soon as possible. They imagine themselves aiming at a bachelor’s degree as soon as they get into the university. Eventually, in most scenarios, they are not always given admission due to them not meeting the entry requirements or a poor matric certificate. 

In response to this, the prestigious University of South Africa has devised a means of helping this kind of enthusiastic students that find themselves in this condition by offering them lower certificate courses in their desired course which serve as a gap to the bachelor’s degree. These courses are regarded as Bridging courses. Bridging courses are always run in the spaces of 6 months to 1 year and sometimes extended depending on the course. 

Now let’s talk about the Unisa Bridging courses.

unisa bridging course

UNISA Bridging Courses 2022

Here are some Unisa Bridging courses you can try out in 2022.


The UNISA bridging course for Bachelor of Nursing is a diploma in Nursing Education. This program will help you build knowledge of health science and position you for a bachelor’s degree. You would also learn in this course the basics of nursing practices which is not to find a job but to prepare for the standard and extensive training you will get in the bachelor’s degree. 

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The basic requirements for all bridging courses are a National Senior Certificate and a 30% pass mark in the language of teaching and learning. However, in nursing, mathematics is not a requirement.

Health sciences courses are not like other courses in terms of simplicity. Nursing requires you to give your maximum intelligence and concentration. 


At the University of South Africa, you can pick up a higher certificate in Education or another related course as a bridging course for a Bachelor of Education. This program enlightens you on the basics of teaching and hands you a higher certificate qualification which helps you to be qualified for a degree in Bachelor of Education.


A National Senior Certificate is needed and a 30% pass mark in the language of teaching and learning. You do not need to have mathematics or any other subject.

Guidance Counselling and Lifeskill Development 

The University of South Africa offers guidance counselling and life skill development as a bridging course for Psychology and Psychology Education. This course is valuable in society and there is high demand for its job. Students can go for a degree in Psychology after getting this bridging course done.


The requirements for this course are a National Senior Certificate and a 30% pass mark in the language of learning and teaching.

Childhood and Adolescent Development 

Childhood and adolescent development is another course that serves as a bridging course for Psychology. This course will broaden your knowledge of understanding human acts and behavior most especially in children and teenagers. 


The requirements for this course are similar to that of guidance counseling and life skill management.

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Bridging Course Application in UNISA

You can apply online by using the UNISA application website. You should be aware that the application has its deadline for submission.

After the deadline day of application, no application will be attended to. More so, you can also apply by getting a physical copy of the form from any of the University of South Africa campuses.

The application fee is a fee of R105 online and R106 for the hard copy form. Payment details and payment instructions will be given to you on the hard copy form or online respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions on Unisa Bridging Courses

The frequently asked questions about UNISA bridging courses are as follows with their answers;

Can I do a bridging course at UNISA?

There are various Unisa bridging courses for interested students. Applications are still open to students. 

How long does a bridging course take?

Unisa bridging courses take about 6 months to 1 year depending on the course and might be extended on rare occasions.

Where can I do a bridging course?

A lot of universities around the world offer bridging courses. Some of them in South Africa include the University of South Africa, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, NorthWest University, University of Capetown, and many more.

Does NSFAS fund bridge courses at UNISA?

NSFAS only funds degree, diploma, and higher certificate courses. Therefore, they don’t fund bridging courses. 

Conclusion on Unisa Bridging Courses

The University of South Africa is known for its quality education. Therefore, if you are studying a course there by chance, you should rest assured that you are getting your education in the best place. It is the largest campus in South Africa with over 400,000 students, so you don’t have a problem socializing. 

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