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Top 10 Flight Attendant Schools In South Africa


If you aspiring to take up a career in the aviation industry as an engineer, pilot or flight attendant in South Africa. Here is the list of the top 10 flight attendant schools in South Africa.

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A flight attendant is someone that ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during an airline flight. They attend to passenger needs and are very important to the cabin crew of a place.

A cabin crew is a group of professionals that operates commercial, business and military aircraft for both domestic and international travel.

Top 10 flight attendant schools in South Africa

Top 10 Flight Attendant Schools In South Africa

Below are the top 10 flight attendant schools in South Africa;

  • Aviacom Flight Academy
  • Big Sky Cabin Training Academy
  • EPT Aviation Training
  • Flitedux
  • Future Flyers
  • High Flyerz Academy
  • Skyy Aviation Academy
  • Cabin Crew Training
  • Flysaa Cabin Crew Training
  • Cranfield Aviation Training

How long does it take to become a flight attendant?

Airlines are responsible for the training of a hired attendant, this training can take place in 3 to 6 weeks. This training is required for FAA certification and it takes place in the airline training centre.

Age requirements for flight attendant

The minimum age depends on the airline, most airlines minimum age is 18 years of age. The age requirements are set by the airline, for example, the United Airline minimum age for a flight attendant is 19.

Requirements to become a flight attendant

Below are the requirements interested applicants must meet t become a flight attendant in South Africa. Some requirements can be different based on the airline.

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HEIGHT: The height requirements for flight attendants depend on the airline. many airlines do not give specific heigh requirements but you must reach a specified vertical height. Normally, the minimum height is between 5’0-5’1 and the maximum ranges between 5’8-6’4.

WEIGHT: There are no weight requirements for a flight attendant, applicants will only be visually assessed and must be comfortable in a jumpseat.

EDUCATION: A high school diploma or GED is required.

VISION: Good vision is a requirement for a flight attendant. Correctable eyewear is allowed.

BACKGROUND CHECK: Pass full background check, fingerprint and drug screening.

MEDICAL EVALUATION/AGILITY TEST: After selection, an agility test/medical test will be carried out to make sure you are in good health condition.

APPEARANCE: Flight Attendants are ordinary-looking people doing an extraordinary job, you only need to be well-groomed and neat in appearance.

A flight attendant must also be able to move in water unassisted.

Cost Of Flight Attendant Training In South Africa

The training cost for flight attendants differ by school, you can contact your school of choice to know the fee structure. The initial training course for the SAA Cabin crew cost R15,200.00, per person, including VAT.

The Training Course Cost includes:

  • All training manuals and training materials
  • All costs associated with theory and practical training and assessments (first attempt)
  • SACAA Theory Exam Fee.

The following are excluded:

  • All costs associated with obtaining the Class 4 Medical Certificate
  • Travel, meals and accommodation costs
  • Re-training and Re-assessment costs
  • SACAA CCM Licensing Fee.

The completion of the training is not guaranteed employment at SAA.

Flight Attendant Training Course Includes

Below are the training courses a flight attendant will undergo:

  • Passenger handling and service procedures
  • Dangerous Goods training
  • Ditching (swimming, lifesaving skills and water survival)
  • Fire Fighting
  • Aircraft mock-up training (simulation training)
  • Aviation Medicine (level 3 first aid, CPR and childbirth)
  • Practical aircraft training, skills training and field trips
  • Theory – Safety and Emergency Procedure Training
  • AVSEC – aviation security training
  • SA-CAA licence examination
  • Cabin Crew Licence and Certificate handout
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