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Study Tips for Matriculants in South Africa


Are you a student? The examination is what you can not avoid as a student, but better preparation will give you a better result in an exam. Here are the study tips you need to have an excellent performance in your matric exam.

An examination is hard if you are not well prepared. The only way to have a good mark in an examination is through adequate preparation. Efficient reading can give you a very high score in an exam. This article will provide you with how to prepare very well for an exam using good study tips.

Matric Exam Study Tips


Study Tips for Matriculants in South Africa

1. Planning and scheduling

The first thing to do to make your study efficient is to have a proper study plan. Your study should start from the first class, make sure you schedule the right time to study each course. Reading every day will ease exam tension and reduce the study load days to exam. Also, make sure you read what you are thought that day.

2. Study in a clean, quiet and orderly room

While planning your study time, make sure you select a silent place for your study. Make sure there is no any form of distraction where you want to read.

3. Take Good Notes

A neat and well-written note will motivate you to read. While taking note in class make sure you concentrate very well and get what the lecturer is saying. Also, make sure your note is neat and well written. If there is anything you did not get in class, make sure you ask your mate.

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4. Review and revise

After reading, make sure you revise what you have read and know what you just read before you proceed to another. Also, you can join a reading group to revise what you have read with them. Revising with others will help you to know where you are lacking or what you are getting wrong and how to work on them.

6. Don’t Procrastinate

Make sure you follow your reading time-table strictly. Do not postpone your reading to another day without a cogent reason.

7. Set Goals

Set a study goal for yourself to keep you motivated and make sure you are passionate about the goals.

8. Join Study Group

After you have read alone, join a study group composed of like-minded people to study together. Also, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from your mate in area you don’t understand.

9. Get Past Questions

Make sure you get past questions on all your courses. Most time, past questions are repeated in an exam, Even if there is no past question in the exam, there will surely be similar questions. Getting past question and solutions to them will give you an idea of what you should be expecting in the exam.

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