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How To Calculate University Of South Africa, UNISA APS 2022/2023


APS is a very crucial means of knowing if students are eligible for a particular course in a South Africa University. Learn how to calculate the University of South Africa, UNISA APS.

The APS stands for Admission Point Score, it helps in admission processes in South African universities.  Each university in SA has the means to calculate its own APS for giving students admission. All universities in SouthAfrica has a unique way of calculating APS. Before a student can be eligible for admission in UNISA, such students must meet the course APS requirement.

It is very compulsory for students to know how to calculate their institution APS. This article will help UNISA aspirants to calculate their APS.

Why Do Universities Use APS?

South African Universities and Universities of Technology use APS scores as an admission requirement for applicants. It is a way to screen students home and abroad to apply for admission and to make them know the course they qualify for.

UNISA APS Calculator Breakdown

Your score in the matric subject you write in the exam will determine your APS score. Each subject you write have a point allocated to it, so your score will determine the point you get out of the subject point. The addition of all the points you get in all matric subjects is your APS.

UNISA APS Calculation

Here is a breakdown of UNISA’s APS calculation:


Despite meeting the requirements for UNISA APS, some courses might ask you to submit more documents for your application to be successful.



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