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Helderberg College Admission Requirements


The Helderberg College admission requirements are a must-see for all aspirants of Helderberg College. You will find the requirements you need for admission in this post.

All colleges in South Africa have requirements you must meet to be given admission into the college. If you are seeking admission into Helderberg, kindly read this post carefully before you proceed to apply for admission into the college.

Below are the admission requirements you need to take note of before you apply for admission into Helderberg College.

Helderberg College

Helderberg College Admission Requirements

Below are the requirements South Africans must meet to gain admission into the college:

  • Have a National Senior Certificate (NSC) and be eligible to enroll for degree studies. If you completed your Matric before 2008, you should have a Senior Certificate with the exemption.
  • Then you will simply meet the admission requirements which are specific to your qualification in this Document
  • Submit June results if you are currently in Grade 12.
  • Complete the National Benchmark Test (NBT) before coming to the College. Please visit the NBT website. Otherwise, you can also do the test at the College during Orientation, if you do not complete it beforehand.

International Applicants:

All international applicants of Helderberg must have an appropriate school leaving/completion certificate from their relevant home examination body. For example; e.g. Angolan Ministry of Education, BEC, ECOL, MNEB, Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (in conjunction with University of Cambridge Examinations Syndicate), Namibian DNEA, ECOS, NECT, ECZ, ZIMSEC.

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The medium of instruction at the Helderberg College of Higher Education is English, so it is compulsory for all applicants to pass English during High School.

Required Documents

Below are the required documents you must attach with your admission application form to be considered for admission:

  1. A certified copy of your passport and a photo
  2. Your high school / school-leaving certificate. If you are still in your final year of high school, please submit your latest examination results. Provide a certified English translation if your certificate is in another language.
  3. Transfer students must attach a certified copy of their original official transcript. Provide certified English translations if applicable.
  4. Internation students that do not receive their education in English should attach their TOEFL certificate
  5. A letter of recommendation from the principal/teacher/lecturer from the last school you attended, or from your church pastor, or employer (if you are working)

There is provision for those that do not complete their high school education in English to enroll in a year program in the English Language Institute (ELI) at Helderberg College of Higher Education. After you have completed the Advanced Level and you pass the final English Language test at Helderberg College of Higher Education, will can then register for College study programs.

Also, you must complete the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of at least 550 for the Paper-based test and at least 213 for the computer-based test before you can be considered for admission into the Helderberg College of Higher Education. You can find details of the TOEFL examination times and locations from the TOEFL website (www.ets.org).

Sometimes, the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) can ask for your school leaving certificate for evaluation. You will be informed by the admission office if this is necessary. You can find forms and information on the SAQA website (www.saqa.org.za).

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To obtain a South African National Senior Certificate (NSC), a high-school learner must pass seven subjects, four of which are compulsory (two Languages, Life Orientation, and either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy). International students should have an appropriate school leaving certificate.
The following Admissions Points Scores are used to determine admission into the various study programs:

NSC Rating % Helderberg APS
7 | 90-100 8
7 | 80-89 7
6 | 70-79 6
5 | 60-69 5
4 | 50-59 4
3 | 40-49 3
2 | 30-39 2
1 | 0-29 1

Helderberg College offers the following study programs:


Faculty of Social Sciences & Education:

Qualifications Minimum APS English Other Language Mathematics/  Mathematical Literacy Life Orientation
Bachelor of Arts in Communication 25 (50-59%) or better (30-39%) or better (30-39%) or better (50-59%) or better
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) 26 (50-59%) or better (30-39%) or better (50-59%) or better (50-59%) or better

Faculty of Business:

Qualifications Minimum APS English Other Language Mathematics/  Mathematical Literacy Life Orientation
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) 27 4 (50-59%) or better 2 (30-39%) or better 4 (50-59%)or better for Mathematics 2 (30-39%) or better
Bachelor of Business
Administration in Management
25 4 (50-59%) or better 2 (30-39%) or better 3 (40-49%) in mathematics or
4 (50-59%) in Maths Literacy
2 (30-39%) or better
Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management) 25 (50-59%) or better 2 (30-39%) or better 3 (40-49%) or better 2 (30-39%) or better

Faculty of Theology:

Qualifications Minimum APS English Other Language Mathematics/  Mathematical Literacy Life Orientation
Bachelor of Arts
in Theology
26 (50-59%) or better 2 (30-39%) or better (30-39%) or better (50-59%) or better


Higher Certificate in Office Management:

Qualifications Minimum APS English Other Language Mathematics/  Mathematical Literacy Life Orientation
Higher Certificate in
Office Management
18 3 (40 – 49%) or better 2 (30 – 39%) or better 2 (30 – 39%) or better 2 (30 – 39%) or better
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  a) Foundation-year Programme

Those that do not have matriculation exemption (before 2009) or do not meet the national minumum requirements for National Senior Certificate (from 2009 onwards) can also study for a degree at Helderberg College of Higher Education with the Foundation-year program.

This program will prepare you for your degree studies.

  b) Mature Age Exemption

This is for those that are 23 years and above and have passed at least four senior or school-leaving subject with 40%. Candidate must have passed at least three of the four subjects at one examination sitting.

International students will need to follow the country-specific guidelines on the webpage of the Matriculation Board (www.hesa-enrol.ac.za), as well as program-specific requirements. If you are 45 years old or older, you qualify for a certificate of conditional exemption from the matriculation examination, without any school qualifications.

  c) Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning means that we identify, assess, and acknowledge all of your skills, knowledge, and capabilities, no matter how and where you acquired them. RPL for access is mainly for those who are over the age of 23 and who don‘t meet the matriculation requirements for admission to undergraduate programs. The HE Act allows the Senate to use its discretion in admitting students who do not meet the requirements for undergraduate programs offered by the College. The Matriculation Board also regulates these admissions. Admission via RPL is limited to 10% of enrolment.

Helderberg College Contact Details

You can contact the college Admissions Officer, Mr. Sivuyile Mdaka on +27 21 850 7569 or on +27 71 871 1539, for more information or application forms.

Mr Sivuyile Mdaka:

Tel: +27 21 850 7569

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