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Courses that requires less than 20 APS score


Every university all over the world has criteria for giving admission, South African Universities use Admission Point Score (APS). Today I will provide you will courses that require less than 20 APS scores.

Universities in South Africa use your APS scores to award admission to applicants. Each course has a specific APS candidate must meet before they can be given admission. Competitive courses like Medicine and Engineering require high APS.

If you are looking for courses that require less than 20 APS, you are at the right place to get answers to your question.

You can check your APS on What Can I Study

TUT – Tshwane University of Technology

Below are the courses you can study at TUT will APS score less than 20;

  • Diploma In Correctional And Rehabilitation Studies – Aps 20
  • Diploma In Administrative Information Management – Aps 19
  • Diploma In Management Services – Aps 20
  • Diploma In Adventure Tourism Management – Aps 20
  • Diploma In Crop Production – Aps 19
  • Diploma In Fashion Design And Technology – Aps 20
  • Diploma In Fine And Applied Arts  – Aps 20
  • Higher Certificate In Music – Aps 20
  • Diploma In Language Practice – Aps 20
  • Diploma In Integrated Communication – Aps 20
  • Diploma In Law – Aps 20
  • Diploma In Public Affairs – Aps 20
  • Diploma In Food Operations Management – Aps 20
  • Diploma In Animal Sciences – Aps 19

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  1. I obtained HC pass with 17 APS and I’m struggling with courses I could do, please recommend some courses & institution to go for, thanks in advance.

  2. I have 22 APS and Iam asking for advice on which course should I take
    I did commerce
    Your help will be much appreciated


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