Best Study Habit To Succeed Academically

best study habit

The aim of all students going to college is to succeed academically, every student wants to make a difference and stand out in their academics. Some might find studying difficult, and some students find it easy, this happens because humans are different from each other. There are different methods of learning applicable to students, they are :

  • Visual learner
  • Audio learner
  • Kinesthesis

Visual learners are students that learn fast by seeing while audio learners are students that learn by just hearing what the teacher is teaching in class. Kinesthesis learners are students that learn by doing.


As a student, the first thing to do to admit a good study habit are as follows:

best study habit

 Know Your Self

The first step for any student to achieve a good studying habit is to know their best method of learning. Students should identify if they are visual learners, audio learners or kinesthesis; meanwhile, some students can learn through all or twp the methods.

It is also necessary for students to know how fast they learn, while some student just has to read once to learn a particular thing while some will have to read it many times. If you identify yourself to be a slow learner, you have to create more time to read and make sure you don’t go to the next page without assimilating the latter.

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Create Study Time

To succeed academically, you have to create time for you to read your class note. In this aspect, time management is very important, you have to create time that will be convenient for you and will not be affecting your classes.

Find a Study Venue

As a student studying in your room might be distracting as some of your friends might come to visit anytime. You have to find a silent place like the library to study, this will make you have full concentration on your study and achieve a lot. you can also use noise cancellation like headphones and some like to study with cool music.

Make Sure You Read What You Are taught After The Class

The study has shown that students find it easy to remember what they are taught if they read it after this class. Reading all that you have been taught in the class on the same day is effective when it comes to remembering. Make sure you create time to read what you are taught in class that day.

Take a Break and Avoid Cramming

The human brain is very productive in the first 60 minutes of study. If you are going to read for long it is advisable for you to take a break in between, it can be after one hour. Also cramming should not be your favourite thing, it can have a diminishing return.

Have a Good Sleep

It is important to avoid sacrificing sleep for study, always make sure you have enough sleep to calm your brain. A fatigued brain will not retain information very fast which leads to long study.

Group Study

Having a group of like minds to study together can improve your understanding and speed up your reading. Group reading is very effective when it comes to learning, this will make you get help in areas you don’t understand.

Eat Well

Your health should be your main priority as a student, it is very important to eat well and not skip food. Students should also avoid eating junk as it might be dangerous to their health.

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